The Top 10 Most-Read and Loved Blog Articles of 2021

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Top Blogs of 2021We know you have a busy schedule that doesn’t leave you with much time on your hands, so in case you missed a blog post (or two) from Doximity in 2021, we’ve created a round-up of the most-read and shared articles of the year. We’ve even offered up a quick summary if you still don’t have time to read the entire article!

#10 - 12 Reasons Why Recruiters Love Doximity

The goal at Doximity is to provide the best solution for success and make recruiter’s lives easier. That’s why we ask the recruiters we work with what they love about Doximity. It’s worth reading all of the comments, but here are two that we wanted to highlight for you if you don’t get around to it (and for the record, we love recruiters right back): 

    • "I love that Talent Finder is user-friendly and straightforward. It makes my job a lot easier."
    • “I recently learned that a physician clicks on a job every 30 seconds on Doximity. This demonstrates the power of Talent Finder in reaching physicians on a tool they use on a daily basis.” 

#9 (tie) - 5 Tips to Recruit Physicians (From Doximity Physicians)

Do you know what doctors want in a new job? Do you know HOW physicians prefer to be contacted by recruiters? We asked some of our Doximity physician members for their advice on recruiting physicians, and their insights are incredibly valuable. Five made the list. Here are the top two: Avoid the “triple ripple” effect, and be straightforward.

 #8 - 7 Questions You Should Be Asking Physician Candidates But Probably Aren’t

All of your sourcing doesn’t mean much if you can’t land the candidate, so we asked some top physician recruiters and innovators what’s contributing to their success. They gave us seven great questions, including these two: What would you most like to be doing? Why are you making a job change now?

#7 - Doximity’s 2020 Year in Review

This article is Doximity’s annual update that shows you all of this years’ greatest stats and data, which is why it’s always so popular. We just released our 2021 year review, and as always, our membership has grown – to 1.8 million members! That’s 80% of U.S. licensed physicians and 50% of NPs and PAs. 

#6 - Is Your Candidate a Fit for Telemedicine? Five Questions to Consider

Practicing telemedicine requires different skills than traditional medicine, and physician recruiters need to decipher this during candidate interviews.  We’ve offered five questions to keep in mind next time you're interviewing a candidate for a telemed position. Here are the top two: Are they able to work autonomously? How are their communication skills? 

#5 - The 2021 Job Market for Physicians: What Recruiters Should Know

These days, what physicians value in a job is changing, and it’s one of the most crucial things recruiters need to know. Before the pandemic, job searches were like real estate – it was all about location, location, location. Now, there’s a shift toward lifestyle. Doctors are asking: What can my employer do for me? Is it a large medical group? Do they have enough PPE? Can they provide childcare? By the way, our readers spent twice the time reading this article than other articles. Need we encourage you more to read it in its entirety? 

#4 - Beyond Clinical Qualifications: What Are Soft Skills and What do They Mean in Physician Recruitment?

Soft skills are most often what separates a good physician from a great one. Also known as “people skills” or “interpersonal skills," soft skills are subjective and reflect the human side of medicine. Soft skills are people and experience-related. They’re subjective, intangible, personality-driven, behavioral, and trans-situational – versus hard skills, which are rule-based, tangible, objective, and teachable. Trustworthiness, respect for others, motivation, problem-solving skills, time management skills, and being a good listener are a few on the list.

#3 - The Top 4 Reasons Physicians Change Jobs: What Recruiters Should Know

As many as 70% of physicians across all specialties change jobs within their first two years. While 50% of physicians stay in the area they trained, it’s logical that some will be tempted by new opportunities away from their first job. So, it’s important to understand WHY candidates are changing jobs. Here are the top four reasons. You’ll find more details about each in the article.

  1. They want to make more money 

  2. They’re exhausted and overwhelmed

  3. They want to live in a new geographic area

  4. They want to advance their career and don’t see it happening where they are

#2 - 10 Perks of Being a Physician Recruiter

Physician recruiting is a tough job, but we know you love it. Why? We talk to recruiters every day. So, we collected the top ten things they say they enjoy the most about their job. The details on each are really enlightening, but here are several that made the list:

    1. Building meaningful relationships 
    2. You can earn a competitive salary  
    3. You help physicians find more career satisfaction
    4. You enjoy the thrill of the hunt
    5. You help improve communities

#1 - What Doctors Do On Doximity (& Why They Love It)

Want to know what doctors use Doximity for every day? We asked doctors for details on how they use the platform –and what they love most about it. It was no surprise that most found job opportunities at the top of their list. Still, they also mentioned:

  1. Reading medical news (and earning CME credits for it)

  2. Faxing HIPAA-secure documents without a fax machine

  3. Being able to call patients privately with their *67 private number

  4. Finding and connecting other U.S. clinicians

  5. Using the CV information to demonstrate their skills and expertise 

Happy New Year! Here’s to 2022 being filled with hope, happiness, and recruiting success. Of course, we’ll continue to share the latest tips for recruiting success and industry news, and more throughout the year. Plus, mark your calendars and reserve your seat for a webinar all about the upcoming Doximity Compensation Report on January 11th: A Deep Dive into the 5th Annual Doximity Compensation Report

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