What Doctors Do On Doximity (& Why They Love It)

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Ever wondered what a doctor really does on Doximity? Although it’s clearly valuable for physician recruiters to have a network of over 2 million clinicians to source from, what’s in it for the doctors who have voluntarily signed up for the tool?

If you’ve wondered why, you’re not alone! In fact, our Doximity Talent Finder team has been asked this question a multitude of times, so we went straight to the source to get answers. We asked doctors how they use Doximity and what their favorite parts of the platform include. Of course, using Doximity to find new job opportunities was a highlight, but in order to share with you some features you may not already know about, here are some of the other reasons why they love using Doximity.

1. Reading Medical News (& Earning CME credits for it)

When clinicians sign in to Doximity, they are greeted by a curated Newsfeed, which looks pretty similar to your Newsfeed on LinkedIn or Facebook. This feed shares relevant news stories, recent colleague activity on the platform, and important updates in their given specialty. The cherry on top? Doctors can earn CME credits for reading the articles clicked on the feed. 

“When I log on to Doximity, my feed is completely personalized and individualized to me. I can look up all my colleagues, shoot them a message or connect with them over a new story - that has really driven a sense of togetherness and helped me with staying involved and feeling like a member of the medical community”
- Dr. Cecchini, MD

Of course, Dr. Cecchini isn’t the only one who values the Doximity Newsfeed. Here’s what a few other doctors had to say:

“The Newsfeed is very tailored to yourself, so it’s a nice place where I can just go in and see a list of the latest stories in Cardiology. It’s a one stop shop where I can go in and find out the latest in my field.”
- Dr. Munir, MD

“Doximity DocNews saves me the time and energy that would otherwise be spent scouring the internet for breaking articles in Radiation Oncology. Now I can get the majority of that information in a single place - giving me more time to focus on patient care or learning how to become a better Radiation Oncologist.”
- Dr. Royce, MD

2. Offering Telemedicine Appointments Using Dialer Video 

Doximity offers Dialer Video, a simple and secure way for physicians to place video calls with their patients -- straight from the Doximity app. Unlike other telemedicine solutions, patients don’t need to download any other apps or software -- they just tap a link to join. 

"Dialer Video has definitely been super helpful in my interactions with patients, especially throughout COVID as care has transitioned to telemedicine. It's nice to be able to have them call, see on video what they are talking about and walk them through it, and if it's not something they need to come in for immediately, then we can avoid that and save the patient that hassle." 
- Dr. Jordan Frey

3. Calling Patients Privately, Without *67

After catching up on medical news and social updates, it’s time to catch up on work from the day. Whether a doctor is traveling or just enjoying time at home, the Doximity Dialer app allows doctors to call patients from their personal cell phone, while the number on the other end shows up as their office line. 

Rather than having to go back to the office, or calling from a *67 private number (where patients are much less likely to pick up), doctors can call patients from their cell phone in the comfort of their home (or anywhere!) using Doximity Dialer.

“Whenever I talk to my old friends from medical school I ask them ‘Hey do you know about Doximity? They have this great app called Doximity Dialer. You can call your patients from home and not have to worry about patients having your personal phone number - and you don’t have to block your number either.’  With Doximity Dialer, I can call my patients about abnormal labs or check in with them to see how they are doing - it’s helped me so much”
- Dr. Vasquez, MD

4. Fax HIPAA-secure documents (without a fax machine)

Similar to calling a patient from any location, doctors love Doximity because it also allows them to send a fax from any location. Through the Doximity mobile app, doctors have access to a free, electronic fax number and can use it to send HIPAA-secure faxes. 

“There are a couple of features on the Doximity app that I use on a daily basis. One is the free fax line, where you’re able to receive secure messages. You get a fax line that’s specific to you and is HIPAA-compliant.” 
- Dr. Munir, MD

And here’s what a few other doctors we asked had to say about this tool: 

“At the airport, I used Doximity to fax an urgent order to a patient’s infusion center; they got the fax before I made it through security!”
- Dr. Hardwood, MD

“Yesterday, I discussed the results of a patient’s CAT scan with a radiologist via his backline, then updated the patient’s nephrologist via text and received a cardiac clearance from the patient’s cardiologist via fax. All in 10 minutes.”
- Dr. Tompkins, MD 

5. Search and Connect with Any Other U.S. Clinician

Doximity has a comprehensive directory of every MD, DO, NP and PA in the United States. So when a doctor needs to connect with a colleague about a patient (often to get more information from a referring doctor, or to reach out to other specialties for a second opinion), Doximity is their go-to platform. 

“If I see a patient and want to communicate back with the referring physician, I can use the Doximity app to find their contact information. It could be something like sending them a message that I saw your patient.”
- Dr. Munir, MD


“Doximity allows you to utilize the CV information to really demonstrate what your skills and expertise are...we are a reliable source and Doximity allows this to come forward.” 
- Dr. Fatima, MD

Now that you are armed with additional knowledge of how clinicians are using Doximity and why they love it, you can weave these talking points into your recruitment outreach efforts. Whether it’s referencing Doximity Dialer for a position that offers flexible hours or talking to them about trending news related to their specialty they may have read on the Newsfeed, demonstrating that you are aware of the ways in which they are using Doximity not only establishes credibility but also provides conversation starters for both digital and in-person outreach.

For an even more in-depth conversation on how doctors are using Doximity, watch our webinar recording of The Doximity Physician Experience where Dr. Amit Phull shares how he uses Doximity in his Emergency Medicine Practice. 

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