5 Tips to Recruit Physicians (From Doximity Physicians)

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5 Tips to Recruit Physicians (From Doximity Physicians)Finding the right physicians for your opportunities can be challenging, and your job as a recruiter is more important than ever. You have a unique opportunity to give physicians a wide variety of patient care options as well as lifestyles that suit their needs. Being strategic in the way you approach physicians with your opportunities is key. Do you know what doctors want in a new job? Do you know HOW physicians prefer to be contacted by recruiters? We recently asked some of our Doximity physician members for their advice on recruiting physicians, and their insights are incredibly valuable. Here are the top 5 tips:

  1. Avoid the “triple ripple” effect. “There are times when I will receive an email, phone call, and text about the same job opportunity within 5 minutes of one another. When this happens, it’s obvious that the recruiter is using a surround-sound approach to get my attention, but it’s often a one size fits all message and difficult to parse through.”
  2. Be straightforward. As an Emergency Medicine physician, I have limited time to read emails, so when I do, I like to see highlights and main points. When reaching out to a physician about a job, I recommend highlighting 6-7 key bullet points (salary, hours, etc.) about the role to provide enough information about the job to help them decide if they’re interested. That way, when the physician reaches out, you know it’s because they are truly interested.”
  3. Send relevant messages. “The recruitment messages I receive that I pay the most attention to are the ones where it’s clear the recruiter researched my background, experience, and career path. They are personalized to me, and I find that I’m most likely to get these types of messages on Doximity.”
  4. Emphasize a willingness to adapt. “Physician recruitment is changing, and new categories of care are arising. An organization that is staying current with these changes and displays a willingness to offer diverse ways of delivering care is appealing and will be appealing going forward. If the organization you work for or are hiring for fits this mold, I would emphasize it in your outreach.”
  5. Try some humor! “Using (tasteful) humor in your outreach is one way to have your message stand out from others and catch our attention. Because it’s not often used, we may be more likely to notice when it is. It also keeps things light-hearted.”

We recommend trying some of these tips the next time you reach out. For physicians, the Doximity experience is truly unique, especially when it comes to new opportunities. Of course, one of the biggest challenges in physician recruitment is finding the right channel for sourcing and recruiting, and that’s where Doximity Talent Finder (the recruitment tool built on the Doximity platform) shines. If you’re not already using Talent Finder to recruit great candidates for your opportunities, here are three great reasons to try it now.

  1. Over 84% of physicians on Doximity are open to new opportunities, and a clinician clicks on a job on Doximity every 30 seconds!
  2. Recruiters can harness the power of Doximity’s data with Smart Job Posts, which are delivered to the right candidates at the right time.
  3. Connect and communicate with clinicians via DocMails, proprietary HIPAA-compliant messages that offer an industry-leading 24% click-through rate – 8x higher than the industry standard!

Doximity is the largest professional network for physicians, where over one million verified passive and active candidates can be reached on a tool they use daily. For a truly unique experience recruiting on Doximity – one that connects you with the right physician candidates – we invite you to try a demo today. 

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