5 Surprising Perks of Locum Tenens Work

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This article was originally published by Dr. Peter Alperin in physicianleaders.org

More and more doctors are interested in locum tenens, and the benefits are positive for patients and doctors alike.

“Locum Tenens” is a direct translation of the Latin phrase meaning, “temporary work.” A locum tenens physician works in the place of a full-time physician when he or she is absent, or when a hospital or practice is short-staffed. For example, locum tenens may fill in for a physician on family or maternity leave or may be temporarily employed by a hospital or practice that is under-staffed. 

 Locum tenens is becoming more common. In fact, Doximity’s recent data report found a steep increase in interest among U.S. physicians in locum tenens job opportunities. 

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A Physician's Take: The Gender Pay Gap is (Finally) Narrowing in Medicine

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This article was originally published in Doximity Op-Med, a collection of healthcare opinion journals from Doximity members. 

The 2019 Doximity Physician Compensation Survey just landed and my head is swirling with thoughts. There are so many interesting trends to highlight: the gender pay gap; the pay gap between Primary Care and subspecialists; the huge gap between the proceduralists and the generalists; and the relatively low pay for all pediatric doctors. However, I’d like to focus on the narrowing pay gap for women in medicine, which for me, offered a glimmer of hope.

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Recruiting the new generation of digital doctors

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Doctors are embracing digital technology at an incredible rate and it’s changing the physician recruitment landscape.

Yes, the medical profession has long been on the forefront of technology’s latest wonders—from simple x-rays, to magnetic resonance imaging, to telescopic eye implants, and even artificial joints with microchip monitors. Yet when it comes to common digital tools we all take for granted, physicians have curiously been left far behind.

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