8 Time-Saving Hacks for the Busy Physician Recruiter

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Talk to any physician recruiter today, and nearly all will tell you their job is a busy one. The ongoing physician shortage means demand for physicians is here to stay.  It also means recruiters are constantly sourcing, reviewing resumes and Doximity profiles, making phone calls, interviewing, and brokering offers. 

For those of you who wish there were more hours in the day to get everything done, we asked our Talent Finder Client Success Managers (some of whom are former physician recruiters themselves) for some time-saving tips. Ready to strike a balance between efficiency and delivering high-quality candidates? Here are some time-saving hacks.  

  1. Save your searches. The same search filters can often be applied to multiple searches, so saving them for future searches can really save you time. You can easily modify the specialty, location, and other criteria, but a saved search gives you a great starting point for candidate sourcing.
  2. Copy existing jobs or message templates. You don’t have to create new jobs or message templates every time. Simply copy an existing one, make the necessary edits, and you’re ready to post your job or send your message! If you are using Talent Finder for recruiting, you can see the percentage viewed rate for every template you and your team already used. View rates that are over 24% are great templates to copy and customize for new opportunities. Learn how to copy a message or job in Talent Finder with this short video.
  3. Use exclusion filters. Don’t waste time sending messages to candidates you’ve already contacted! Simply check filters to exclude clinicians you have already messaged or who have already replied to previous messages you’ve sent. 
  4. Send messages in bulk. On Talent Finder, you can send up to 30 DocMails at once if your search results yield under 200 results. You don’t have to do the extra work of sending one message after the next, which saves you time. Read more about bulk sending here.
  5. Use the “Archive” button. Keeping a tidy Inbox will save you time in the long run! Our CSM’s recommend archiving messages from doctors who’ve declined an opportunity, leaving room in your inbox for conversations with interested candidates. It also helps you quickly identify which doctors require follow-up.
  6. Create calendar invites for yourself. Need a specific task done? Set a time on your calendar, mute other notifications (other people will see you’re in a meeting), and get a task done in no time – free of distractions! Or, you might use a calendar invite as a reminder. For example, you could block out a time to send DocMails at the beginning of each credit period or update job posts every 30-45 days. If you include compensation in your Talent Finder DocMails, you could create a calendar invite for 11 days after the send date to see if any of your messages qualified for the ClickThru guarantee.
  7. Set dedicated times to check email messages. Have you ever noticed how much time you spend checking emails, or worse, being interrupted by email notifications? Research shows it takes as much as 23 minutes to recover from interruptions at work (per Inc.). It’s time to take control. We recommend you determine specific times throughout the day to check emails and notifications but then – and here’s the important part – turn off notifications the rest of the time. It’ll help you focus on the task at hand and be far more productive overall. 
  8. Declutter the tabs on your browser. Let’s say you’re sourcing multiple candidates for a position and multitasking with research for a job description. Before long, you have what seems like 300 tabs open in your browser, and it’s frustrating to find a tab you want to go back to (and open windows can slow your browser speed). Did you know you can minimize the clutter with a browser extension? For example, Google Chrome offers a free browser extension (OneTab) that lets you store your open tabs into a single, neat list you can revisit once you’re done conducting a primary task. It can make you more efficient, speeds up your browser, and frees up some of your computer’s memory. Winning! 

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