6 Time-Saving Tips for the Busy Physician Recruiter

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Let’s face it: from headhunting, resume reviewing, making phone calls and interviewing, there’s really no break in the life of a physician recruiter. Ever wish you had a few more minutes in the day to get it all done? 

We’ve gone back to our expert team of Talent Finder Client Success Managers (some of whom are former physician recruiters themselves), to get their best tips on things recruiters can do to get those valuable minutes back in the day - striking a balance between being efficient and delivering high quality work.

1. Save your searches.
The same search filters are often applied to multiple searches. Saving these searches for future use can save time when sourcing candidates. You can easily modify the specialty, location, or other criteria, but you at least have a starting point when it comes to searching for candidates.

2. Copy existing jobs or message templates.
By copying an existing job or message template, you can save a good deal of time when creating new jobs or templates - all you have to do is make the necessary edits and you’re ready to post your job or send your message! If you are using Talent Finder for recruiting, you can see the %viewed rate for all of the templates you and your team have used in the past. Templates that have a high view rate (over 24%) are likely to be the best ones to copy and customize for a new opportunity.

3. Use exclusion filters.
By checking filters to exclude clinicians you have already messaged or who have already replied to previous messages you’ve sent, you are ensuring you don’t waste any messages on individuals you’ve already reached out to as well as saving time from having to go and manually exclude these individuals at a later point.

4. Send messages in bulk.
On Talent Finder, you can save yourself time by sending up to 30 DocMails at a time if your search is specific enough (that is if your search results yield under 200 results). This assures your messages are being sent to the right candidates, without you having to do the extra work of sending 30 separate messages. 

5. Use the “Archive” button.
Keeping a tidy Inbox will save you time in the long run! Our CSM’s recommend that you archive any messages in your Inbox from doctors declining an opportunity - saving room in your Inbox for interested conversations. This will keep you organized and will help you easily identify which doctors to follow up with.

6. Create calendar invites for yourself. These can be helpful in two ways:
First, if you know you need to get a specific task done, set a time on your calendar to do it, mute other notifications (if people need to get in touch with you they will see you are in a meeting) and allow yourself that window to get it done - distraction free!

Also, you can use a calendar invite as a reminder to complete a task on a specific date. For example, you can block out time as a reminder to send DocMails at the beginning of each credit period or to update job posts every 30-45 days. Also, if you are including compensation in your Talent Finder DocMails, you can create a calendar invite for 11 days after the date you sent DocMails to check and see if any of the messages qualified for the ClickThru Guarantee and can be used again.

For more tips on physician recruitment that will save you time in the long run, check out our blog Ten Lessons Learned from Seasoned Physician Recruiters.

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