How to Keep the Conversation Going

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We’ve all experienced a time when a candidate you were excited about either went unresponsive or flat out told you they were no longer interested in your job. It happens, and it’s part of physician recruitment - especially when clinicians are in as high of demand as they are today. The good news is that there are some tactics recruiters can practice to help keep the conversation going -days, months and even years after an initial rejection. 

1. Regularly reply back to unresponsive candidates. Try replying back to the doctor every two weeks using the same messaging thread. If you’re using Doximity, it doesn’t cost any additional DocMails to continue the conversation once a doctor replies to a DocMail or Job Post. Take advantage of the “free” message and persist a bit more. It’s important to remember that doctors are busy, and they may not have had time to reply (or even read for that matter) your previous message.

2. Send a new DocMail with a different subject line. If you’ve already sent them a few messages on a thread and they haven’t replied for a while, try starting fresh again. Consider using a subject line that shows this is a follow-up correspondence such as: “Following Up: Cardiologist Opportunity”, or “RE: Cardiologist Opportunity” or “Can we set up a time to discuss this cardiologist opportunity?”

3. Invite them to text you. Doctors, like everyone else, have varying communication preferences and as a recruiter, it’s your job to make sure you meet them where they are. While our Physician Career Survey shows that the majority of physicians still prefer email communication, some will be more responsive via text - so make sure you give them this option. We recommend stating in your sign off that they can call/text you and provide the number.

4. Ask for a referral. If a clinician declines an opportunity, chances are they know of someone else in their specialty that might be a fit. Rather than walking away, make sure you take advantage of your conversation and ask if they know of a colleague that may be interested. This could also be a good time to mention you have a referral bonus! 💰

5. Add them to a Pipeline list. A doctor may go dark or decline an opportunity, but you can still add them to a Pipeline list with a note to help you stay organized. It’s possible that down the road they will be more likely to consider a new opportunity, or you may have something come up that’s an even better fit for them.

6. Refer physicians to your other opportunities. If you have multiple opportunities for a specialty, mention that in your DocMail. (Ex: Check out my profile for all of our Primary Care opportunities.)

7. Use Calendly. This is a free program that links your email and calendar to easily show clinicians when you are available and allow them to schedule time on your calendar without the back-and-forth of email coordination.

8. Is it just not the right time? Check in with them regularly - it doesn’t have to be about an opportunity. Many times a candidate might be interested in your organization, but it’s just not the right time - whether they have a non-compete, time left on a contract or can’t make the move just yet, it can be well worth your time to stay in touch - and build that relationship for when the timing is right.

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