How Physicians Recruiters are Rising to the Occasion During the Pandemic

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51955277_sWhen COVID-19 erupted in U.S. hot spots like New York, physicians mobilized and raised their hands to ask, “How can we help?” Physician recruiters also jumped in, adopting an “all hands on deck” mindset. Recruiters are playing a pivotal role during these uncertain times; here’s a nod to what they’re doing.

  1. Hospitals have had to do more with less, so recruiters helped to find cross-trained clinicians who could assist in the ER and other vital departments. With elective healthcare postponed and healthcare roles constantly changing due to the pandemic, physician recruiters continue to assist clinicians who are navigating career uncertainty.
  2. The health and safety of everyone became the priority and recruiters quickly adapted by working virtually and finding new ways to help physician candidates have a better virtual experience. Recruiters in Kentucky created an entire virtual concierge service. Candidates first receive a gift box at their home full of Kentucky products and an itinerary for the interview day. The candidate then receives an email with pertinent links and instructions, and a lunch for the candidate’s entire family is sent via a food delivery service. Virtual tours with real estate agents who can show doctors the lay of the land in the community are also scheduled post-interview. For more ways to enhance the virtual experience, check out this article we published: How to make your candidate experience stand out virtually.
  3. The pandemic definitely supercharged the use of telemedicine and recruiters sprang into action to find physicians for telemedicine-specific jobs and vice versa. The shift also found recruiters helping clinicians climatize to telehealth implementation and use, with a focus on Doximity’s Video Dialer, a simple and secure way for physicians to have video calls with their patients straight from the Doximity app.
  4. Recruiters working on emergency COVID-related staffing needs have been working long hours to help clinicians get where they’re needed most, so they’ve ramped up credentialing and state licensing. Recruiters have even put in extra time with travel teams to assess risk and help clinicians navigate new guidelines for travel and housing during COVID-19.
  5. Recruiters are also preparing for a potential second wave of COVID-19. “About 6% of physicians move every year in the U.S. and that’s going to be compacted into fewer months. Some 50,000 doctors are going to relocate this year,” per Tony Stajduhar, President of Jackson Physician Search. Some clinicians are fearful of stepping into new roles, so recruiters at Jackson have learned to be more responsive to each individual situation.

We’re all experiencing anxieties and uncertainties due to COVID-19 and physicians have been overwhelmed. This is another area where recruiters have been helpful – offering a sympathetic ear and some hope. Physician recruiters have the power to be part of something greater. You’re rising to the occasion and we thank you!

If you’ve discovered a unique way to work during the pandemic, or have heard a story about a healthcare recruiter doing great things, we’d love to hear about it! Just email to share your story.  To learn more reasons why we love to celebrate healthcare recruiters, check out an earlier blog, Today (and Every Day) We Celebrate Healthcare Recruiters 

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