Today (and Every Day) We Celebrate Healthcare Recruiters

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57698380_sIn 1991, Congress declared the first Tuesday in June as National Healthcare Recruiter Recognition Day, so today we say thanks to the many physician recruiters we work with every day.

Most physician recruiters say they love what they do and the professional freedom that comes along with it, but as every recruiter knows: finding candidates who have the skills you’re looking for isn’t always enough to get a placement. It takes hard work, and success is no accident. Earlier this year, we published one of our most popular articles about the perks of being a physician recruiter. It’s no surprise that many of the perks translate to what we think make physician recruiters great:

  1. Physician recruiters are a significant part of the healthcare economy.
  2. Recruiters know how to cultivate relationships, and good relationships enable physician recruiters to help physicians set goals, stay current, and find more career satisfaction.
  3. Recruiting is all about teamwork! Working together means you fill the position, the candidate gets a great job, and you both make a community better by providing patient care where it’s needed.
  4. Recruiters help improve communities. When you help bring a physician into a community, you provide much-needed care to the people who really need it, improving the quality of life for everyone.
  5. Sourcing great candidates, engaging with them, and making a match between a great healthcare facility and the right candidate is challenging, so it means recruiters have to get creative.
  6. Recruiters never tire of finding new ways to improve their skills or to learn more about the industry.
  7. Recruiters help people. It’s a fulfilling part of physician recruiting and a highlight for most.

If you’re managing physician recruiters – or just working with a great one – there are a number of ways to celebrate and acknowledge them. One great way is to provide opportunities for their professional development and growth. You could pay for a membership fee or special training. You could also offer to send them to a conference or meeting. Many organizations offer this and more, including the National Association of Physician Recruiters (NAPR); the Association for Advancing Physician and Provider Recruitment (AAPPR), formerly the Association of Staff Physician Recruiters (ASPR); and the National Association of Health Care Recruitment (NAHCR). NAHCR also hosts an annual conference, which has been reimagined this year (in light of the coronavirus pandemic), as a virtual conference.

Here are a few more simple, but thoughtful ways physician recruiters can be recognized:

  1. Handwrite a note and send it to them. You could even include a small gift card to a local coffee shop or someplace else where they could treat themselves.
  2. Send an organization-wide email that recognizes their accomplishments.
  3. Give them a voice: ask them for suggestions on how they would improve processes or issues.
  4. Get a photo of them or create a personalized certificate and have everyone sign it.
  5. Give them a small gift for their desk: flowers, a plant, a paperweight, etc., or send them a box of cookies with some healthcare-themed decorations.
  6. Take them to lunch (but adhere to social distancing rules).

We can’t say enough about healthcare recruiters and all you do. We applaud each of you for your extraordinary commitment and hard work. Happy National Healthcare Recruiter Recognition Day! It’s a privilege to work alongside you and celebrate you.

Lastly, we know COVID-19 has made the already tough job of being a healthcare recruiter even tougher, so we’ve provided some tips to help. We invite you to read How to Make the Most of Virtual Interviews.

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