How to Make Your Candidate Experience Stand Out (Virtually)

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The current pandemic and this time of physical distancing has brought a number of changes to physician recruitment, and one of them is the way in which the candidate experience is delivered. Since potential candidates cannot do onsite interviews or visit facilities right now, the experience has primarily become a virtual one. 

However, this doesn’t mean the candidate experience has to suffer. There are a number of ways that you can still provide a memorable experience for those you interview and those you hire during this time of social distancing. We created a list of ways that you can make the experience you deliver to candidates stand out (virtually). Are you doing any of these already?

Develop creative ways to show your organization’s culture.

Since candidates won’t be able to do an in-person tour, how about providing them with a virtual tour? If you are able to record a video of any areas of the facility or practice setting and send it to candidates, it will allow them to get a feel for the location even if they can’t visit in person. If you aren’t able to record a video or take photos right now, do you have any videos/photos in your archives from before COVID-19 that you might be able to share? Providing a visual experience will allow candidates to experience the organization and culture beyond what is available on your website or in printed materials. Bonus points if you have video testimonials from current employees to share!

One organization that did a great job of creating a unique culture is ProHealth. They’ve established a Women in Medicine Committee, highlighting the group's female physicians. This committee allows women across the organization to put on community-based activities and events that support causes that matter to ProHealth, including Alzheimer's Caregivers awareness. This can make for a unique talking point in your interview! 

Incorporate virtual tools in a meaningful way.

If there is any silver lining to the current situation, it may be that we have endless tools at our disposal to support remote meetings and interaction in 2020. Whether you are using Zoom or Skype for candidate interviews, there are ways in which you can make these virtual interactions more meaningful. One idea could be to upload a photo of your office as the background in your Zoom meeting, which may make the candidate feel more like they are truly in your office with you. 

Also, just as you would for an in-person interview, providing the candidate with details of what to expect during the virtual interview will set you both up for success. This could include a breakdown of the interview format or reminders to check sound/microphone before the interview begins. 

Continue social elements of the candidate experience.

If a candidate came in for an in-person interview in the past, you may have taken them to lunch before or after the interview. Obviously, that is not currently an option, but one thing you could do to add some flair to the candidate’s experience is to send them a food gift basket, or even a gift card for food delivery. Showing them the same respect and consideration you would in-person can go a long way.

Adding a COVID-19 FAQ section to your website.

You may have already developed this, but we recommend creating a space with FAQ’s specifically related to COVID-19, as most organizations have done on their websites. Candidates may have more questions than usual right now, so providing an area where they can easily go to get their questions answered will not only help them, but may also prevent you and your team from having to answer the same questions repeatedly.

Recognize new hires.

Another way to make your candidate experience stand out is by continuing to recognize the clinicians that you hire. Just as you may have given them a branded coffee mug or tote bag during their visit, you can send them a care package of goodies to enjoy at home. Since most of us are working from home right now, gifts like noise canceling headphones or coffee could be a nice touch. Another way to recognize a new hire could be to give them a shoutout on your website or social channels. Making them feel special even if it’s from afar is key to providing a candidate with a memorable onboarding experience.

There is no question that this is a strangely unique time for all of us, but finding ways to maintain a sense of normalcy and foster connection virtually can help us through this period in our lives. Incorporating some of the tips above into your recruitment strategy can help you continue to deliver an experience to candidates that they will remember now and in the future. For more tips on how to navigate physician recruitment during COVID-19, check out our Talent Finder Blog.

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