Why Doximity Talent Finder is the Best App for Physician Recruiters

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Doximity-Talent-Finder-App_800px.pngAn unemployed doctor is a rare thing these days. Because the majority of physicians aren’t actively seeking new career opportunities, many physician recruiters automatically weed these physicians out when in fact, you should be working to attract them. Why? The majority of physicians are still curious about relevant opportunities and they’re open to discussing them – which means recruiters need to connect with them in places where they’re already networking and learning.

Doctors are bombarded by job offers

The American Medical Association (AMA) says a quarter of practicing physicians receive 24 to 40 potential job offers every week and should brace for more. By comparison on average, physicians on the Doximity network receive only 1-2 DocMails a year. They aren’t bombarded by job offers, and paired with Talent Finder’s search and filtering capabilities, they are only getting relevant job emails when they do receive them.

First, Doximity isn’t a public job board or a database, it’s a network – a tool physicians are already using every day. Recruiters use Doximity Talent Finder to identify physicians who could be a good fit, and offers options for custom personalized outreach that’s not invasive. And because Doximity Talent Finder is the social recruiting platform built on Doximity, it allows you to discover and connect solely with physician candidates – versus culling through broad social networks or CV databases.

Second, you can use a targeted and personalized approach to introduce physician candidates to appealing practice opportunities. Recruiting via Doximity Talent Finder also establishes trust and confidence, something physicians appreciate because they’ve grown weary of faceless “spam” emails.

Doc-icon_800px.pngDoximity Talent Finder is a great solution for reaching passive candidates.

A New England Journal of Medicine survey indicates 86% of physicians are passive candidates – and the best strategy for reaching passive candidates is one that puts the physician in control of the outcome and reaches them in an efficient, timesaving environment. Physicians value their privacy and changing jobs can be very sensitive. Doximity Talent Finder allows you to segment physician candidates based on their level of activity and interest in opportunities; and because these physicians are using Doximity for networking, there are other key motivators, beyond compensation, that just might catch their attention. How will a potential opportunity work to harness or improve a physician’s unique skill set? Physicians are high achievers (sometimes even overachievers), so career advancement and self-improvement can be strong motivators for opening a discussion about a change.

Like any great tool, if you take the time to learn Talent Finder, it will save you hours a day in the long run.

We published a series of articles from innovators in recruitment who offered tips for effectively using Doximity Talent Finder, and the one thing they all said was this: Give the tool the time it warrants. Scott Robbins, Vice President of Recruitment at Matrix Medical Network also notes: "Cost of communication is low with Doximity Talent Finder. You do not have to play hide-and-seek with physician candidates – they are all on Doximity. Leverage the system to its fullest ability."

doctor-using-app.jpgWhat do physicians do on Doximity?

Physicians use Doximity every day, multiple times a day, so the question we get from recruiters most often is: what do physicians do on Doximity? The list is growing, but among other things they can participate with their real name in a HIPAA-secure environment; actively promote their professional brand; keep up with the latest industry trends; and connect with other physicians for virtual consultation and to expand their professional network. We created a handy guide to 11 ways physicians use Doximity we invite you to read and download now.

If you're not using Doximity Talent Finder to find great candidates, we invite you to claim your free trial now.

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