The power of content marketing and storytelling in physician recruitment

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powerofcontentA 2014 Social Recruiting Survey from Jobvite revealed some interesting data about social and mobile recruiting (you can download the full report). Recruiters now credit social networks like Doximity with improving the physician recruitment process in several ways: 44% said social recruiting increased both the quality and quantity of candidates (social networks allow you to vet candidates before and after the interview); 34% said social recruiting improved the time to hire; and 30% said social networks improve candidate referrals.

The survey told us a few things about recruiters, too, like most of you don’t consider yourselves experts when it comes to social recruiting. In fact, only 18% say you are "more than proficient." We recently mapped out the 6 ways social recruiting can make you a better (and happier) physician recruiter, but there other ways to source and nurture prospects in the social recruitment realm.

1. Write straightforward DocMail subject lines

DocMails are a great way to reach out to candidates, so make each one count starting with your subject line. Subject lines are often overlooked (and overhyped), but the Doximity Talent Finder team has learned that the best-performing subject lines are not overly creative or clever. Yes, you want to tell your candidate something unique and something that he or she will find interesting, but data—based on hundreds of thousands of DocMails sent—demonstrates that authentic, specific subject lines get the best open and response rates by far.

2. Create and share valuable content

You already know that mastering the art of communication is key to your success as a physician recruiter, but now you also have to become a good content marketer. Don’t worry, it’s not as difficult as it sounds. 

This is how the Content Marketing Institute defines content marketing: 

ContentmarketingdefinitionFor physician recruiters, content marketing is all about creating and sharing valuable media content that helps you acquire and retain candidates. One simple strategy is to include links to items your candidates will find helpful—like your company’s blog or a recent press mention—on each and every Doximity job post. For a good basic overview, check out this Forbes article. Jim Stroud, the voice behind the recruitment blog The Recruiters Lounge (among other things) has also written a book on the subject that you might want to pick up or download: Content Is The New Sourcing: Strategies for Attracting and Engaging Passive Candidates.

3. Become a storyteller

Your power as a social physician recruiter isn't in the message you convey, but in the story that conveys your message.

The Storytelling Manifesto author James Whittaker says, “It doesn't matter what you know, what you have, or what you need if you can't convey it to anyone else." He concludes: "Good storytelling, is the one skill that can even the playing field." 

You can't simply hard-pitch opportunities with social recruiting now in the mix. However, when you tell your own story (or the story of the company you’re recruiting for) you set the scene for physician candidates to visualize their place in all of it and your conversations are suddenly more relatable. If you think you're not a natural storyteller just remember humans are wired to consume and communicate via stories, so our guess is it's in your wheelhouse.

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