Spring is Here: How to Spruce Up Your Recruitment Strategy

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spring-cleaning-blog-850pxSpring is officially here and for many of us this means a time to clean and organize our living space - but why stop there? At Doximity, we like to go one step further and use spring cleaning as a time to freshen up our recruitment strategy.

Especially this year, with the world starting to open up again, physicians are ready to start considering that new opportunity they’ve been thinking about for months. We compiled a few ideas of ways that you can bring spring cleaning to your recruitment below. Happy organizing!

1. Organize messages in your Inbox.

A great starting point to feeling more organized with your recruitment is to create and use folders within your Inbox. Archiving old messages will allow you to focus on current and relevant messages. You can also create a folder specifically for ‘Not Interested Right Now’ message replies - it can be worth reaching out to these physicians in the future to see if anything has changed. For more tips on organizing your Inbox, check out this short video here (fast forward to 1:10 for the tips!). 

2. Delete unused templates.

You may have a number of templates that you’ve used in the past, whether for jobs or messages, that no longer apply. Now is a good time to remove these, so you can focus on the templates for your current job opportunities. To go a step further, it’s also a good time to evaluate which message templates are receiving the highest engagement and prioritize those going forward. You can see your top-performing templates here.

3. Create candidate lists.

Candidate lists are a great way to organize physicians into certain groups based on specific criteria. For example, you may have run a search for a Family Medicine position in Ohio and then had to step away from your computer. Adding these physicians to a list will allow you to come back to this group of physicians when you are ready to reach out to them. Another type of list that can be useful is for follow up. You may have sent messages to physicians who did not respond, and it doesn’t hurt to reach out again. Adding physicians to a ‘Follow Up’ list allows you to easily identify them when it comes time to reach out again. For more ways to use lists, click here (fast forward to 0:30 for the tips!)

4. Pull reports and analyze your data from the first 3 months of this year.

What subject lines or Job Post titles have been working the best for you this year? By utilizing the reports tab in your Talent Finder account, you can find insights into what outreach messaging is working the best for you and then apply it to your future campaigns. If you’d like to learn more about how to leverage this reporting functionality, sign up for our April 13th Training, Using Talent Finder Reports Like a Pro.

5. Incorporate a scheduling tool.

If you haven’t signed up for a scheduling tool, add that to your spring to-do list! Doximity now has integrations with Calendly, Outlook, Appointlet, and Acuity - so candidates can schedule time with you directly from your scheduling link instead of trying to coordinate a date & time to speak through messages. If you find yourself with some extra time in the coming weeks, these are great tools to familiarize yourself with and will make it easier for candidates to set up meetings with you in the future. To read more about adding this to your Talent Finder profile, click here


6. Reflect on what’s worked.
  • Finding time to look at your past hires and their lead sources can be tough when there are usually so many candidates to meet with on any given day, but this can also be highly valuable information going forward. Do the majority of your hires come from the same source? Do you have any sources that don’t generate the number of leads you’d expect? Understanding your sources and the number of leads they generate can be crucial to the success of your future recruitment process.

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