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112339629_sKeeping up with the news cycle and the multitude of healthcare recruitment challenges these days can be overwhelming, so we thought we’d have a little fun this week with a quiz based on articles we’ve published and highlights of Doximity Talent Finder. After you take the quiz, you can scroll down to find the correct answers as well as links to the original articles. Ready...set...go!

  1. It takes twice as long to recruit a physician today as it did just a decade ago. Why?

    a. The pandemic meant doctors weren’t available to work
    b. Newly minted physicians are taking longer to decide where they want to work
    c. The shortage of physicians means the demand is growing even as the supply remains flat
    d. Data errors: recruiters aren't marking jobs as "filled" when a clinician is hired

  2. Nearly 20% of U.S. citizens live in rural locations, yet less than __ % of  U.S. physicians practice there.

    a. 5%
    b. 10%
    c. 12%
    d. 15%

  3. During and after the pandemic, interviewing and hiring was and is done virtually. Is the following statement TRUE or FALSE? Virtual career fairs are not only less expensive than in-person career fairs, but they’re often more effective, too."

    a. True
    b. False

  4. In a recent article, we discussed how journaling can help recruiters and physicians in tough times. According to a study conducted at University of Auckland, journaling can help physicians in which of the following ways?

    a. Improve mood, stress and depression symptoms
    b. Increase chances of fighting diseases like asthma and cancer
    c. Lower blood sugar levels
    d. All the above

  5. What percent of physician candidates are passive candidates? (i.e. not actively seeking out new jobs via job boards or career fairs but are still interested in hearing about new opportunities):

    a. 14%
    b. 37%
    c. 58%
    d. 73%

  6. In a recent article about candidate messaging, we suggested 10 things NOT to do when sending messages to clinicians. Which of these are mistakes recruiters often make in their messaging?

    a. Not optimizing for mobile device reading
    b. Not including a salutation
    c. Withholding information about the job opportunity
    d. Attaching the wrong job template
    e. All of the above

  7. If you’re using Doximity Talent Finder to find great candidates, where can you find a running log of all your sent DocMails, ClickThru performance insights, DocMail availability, and downloadable reports?

    a. Your recruiter profile page
    b. The reports page
    c. At the top of the candidate search page
    d. A link pops up after you’ve sent a DocMail

  8. When writing your DocMail message to a physician, your subject line should:

    a. Be short and concise
    b. Include ALL CAPS or a lot of punctuation like "!!!$$$" to attract attention
    c. Share a few key strengths of the job (location, compensation, leadership opportunity, etc.)
    d. A and C
    e. A and B

  9. Which day of the year do we celebrate National Healthcare Recruiter Recognition Day?

    a. The first Thursday in February
    b. The entire last week of May
    c. The first Tuesday in June
    d. Every day is National Healthcare Recruiter Recognition Day! 

  10. BONUS QUESTION: When is the monthly Doximity Talent Finder webinar typically held?

    a. The first Thursday of each month
    b. The Last Tuesday of each month
    c. The second Tuesday of each month 
    d. Every Thursday 


How did you do? Check your answers below! 

  1. The correct answer is C: The shortage of physicians means the demand is growing even as the supply remains flat. Read more here: It’s Taking Longer to Hire Physicians: 9 Tips for Recruiting Right Now

  2. The correct answer is b: 10 percent! You can read all about it in this article: Recruiting Physicians for Rural Positions: Time for a New Approach

  3. The correct answer is TRUE. Virtual career fairs are almost always cheaper than in-person career fairs and they are oftentimes actually MORE effective.” Read more here: How to Leverage Virtual Conferences and Career Fairs this Summer

  4. The correct answer is TRUE. Journaling DOES make you less likely to get sick, plus it increases your chances of fighting diseases like asthma and cancer.” Read How Journaling Can Help Recruiters and Physicians in Tough Times

  5. The correct answer is D: 73% of physicians are passive job seekers, while only 10.5% are actively looking for a new job.

  6. The correct answer is E: All of the Above! To learn more read 10 Things NOT to do in Your Candidate Messaging

  7. The correct answer is B: The Reports Page!

  8. The correct answer is D: When creating your DocMail message to a physician, your subject line should be short and concise and share a couple key strengths of the job (location, compensation, leadership opportunity etc).

  9. The “official” correct answer is C: the first Tuesday in June! However, we celebrate recruiters every day at Doximity and here’s proof: Today (and Every Day) We Celebrate Healthcare Recruiters

  10. The correct answer is C: the second Tuesday in each month - at 11am PST / 2pm EST to be specific. You can sign up for the August 10th webinar here

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