Physicians want opportunities with purpose. Are you delivering?

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doctor-and-patient-850px.pngIt’s no secret that many U.S. doctors are feeling disillusioned. There's nothing greater than helping human beings, but over the last decade the system has shifted profoundly. Doctors say excessive paperwork keeps them from spending enough time with patients, the patient relationship has been undermined, and they want meaning beyond the long arm of insurers and bureaucrats.

Many physicians say healthcare has lost the human connection.

Doctors want to reconnect with patients and they want to be part of something bigger than themselves. For some, when they’re not working, doctors look to find that sense of purpose elsewhere – like combining patient care with policy work. Increasingly, when physicians change jobs, they actively look to work for a company whose mission and values match their own personal values. In fact, more than half of America’s job seekers want their career to have meaning. If you’re not delivering, you could potentially be turning off a huge portion of physician candidates – all because you’re missing an important ingredient in your message: the importance of a purpose.

People, purpose, and positivity.

Studies by CAREEREALISM show that job seekers want to know more about the 3Ps: Your company’s people, purpose, and positivity. What’s more, a recent survey by LinkedIn says 64.7% of job seekers say that not knowing, or disagreeing with, a company’s mission, values or purpose is a deal-breaker when considering a future employer.

How do you deliver purpose?

For starters, your employer brand can answer that question. A reported 56% of job seekers ranked talent brand – the company’s reputation as a great place to work – as the deciding factor when choosing an employer; plus, 83% of today’s employers agree that employer branding significantly impacts their ability to hire (per Yet a recent report from Gallup says only 41% of employees felt that they know what their company stands for and what makes its brand different from its competitors’ brands.

Does your brand articulate how you deliver purpose? Start with a few questions:

1. Can you articulate the mission and values of your healthcare facility?

2. Are the mission and values in a place where candidates can easily find them?

3. Are your mission and values included in your job ads and/or DocMails?

You need to clearly state what you stand for and make it easy to find.

HINT: physician candidates are going to look at your recruiter profile and your company’s Doximity Page first. How are you positioning your mission and values there? This is your opportunity to make your recruiting pitch that delivers purpose. If you don’t have a career page, check out tips for creating a strong one in a blog article here.

More than salary, position, culture, or other factors, the one thing doctors want from new employers is a sense of purpose – which will go a long way to retaining doctors after you’ve hired them. If physician candidates are not innately driven by the same sense of why as your organization, they will never be a good match for your facility, no matter how experienced they are. Emphasize purpose – not just expertise – and you’re bound to end up with a pool of more qualified (and happier) physician candidates.

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