Physician candidates are mobile. Is your recruitment strategy?

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GettyImages-104117217Not all that long ago, applicant tracking systems, vendor management systems, or the Cloud were not being used for physician recruitment. Given the "wired" nature of our society today, it only makes sense to reach out using all the technology at our disposal—and mobile recruitment is one thing that can't be overlooked.

Mobile has become an integrated part of our lives since the first Blackberry was launched in 1984. Recent reports have shown that as many as nine in ten healthcare providers are using smartphones, and nearly as many have adopted tablets.

Regardless of the model or brand name of their devices, physicians are using mobile technology to get a leg up in many arenas, including career opportunities. It can give physician recruiters a leg up, too.

At its core, mobile recruiting is about recognizing that people are no longer sitting in front of a computer. That means physician recruitment must move towards providing candidates with information they want anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Use of mobile devices is definitely accelerating the recruitment and hiring process. How? It speeds up the rate of access to job information, social media chatter, and communication with recruiters and employers—and it all happens a lot more quickly than the days of sending paper CVs or even the more current practice of emailing information from a desktop computer.

There’s a reason Doximity membership has grown to over 2 million clinicians: It’s the smart, mobile app for the smart, mobile clinician. Among its many uses, physicians can browse career opportunities as well as receive targeted career opportunities. Physician recruiters can position their career opportunities strategically where physicians are already networking.

Take a look at these other current statistics and you’ll see that mobile recruitment isn’t visionary, but necessary.

  • 80% of employers said social recruiting helps them find passive candidates 
  • 90% of job seekers are using mobile technology and 45% of them use it to search for jobs at least once a day
  • 70% of employers said they have successfully hired from social 
  • 75% of hires aren't actively searching - recruiters use social to reach them
  • 40% of mobile candidates will abandon a non-mobile friendly application process

Mobile recruitment is here to stay. Are you investing in mobile technology so you can recruit the best physician candidates? Our page on 'What is Social Recruiting" can help!

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