Is the first impression you make fueling your recruiting results?

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Is the first impression you make fueling your recruiting results?It’s been a year of virtual everything, and although many hospitals and recruiters are back to in-person interviews, online recruiting continues to play a front-seat role in getting the job done. It's vital to remember that first impressions with candidates are almost entirely online.

Did you find a candidate online who’s perfect for the position? The first encounter of any kind that you have with a potential candidate can shape the future of your relationship with them, so make sure to deliver it wisely

You'll also want to make sure your first candidate interview leaves a great impression. Jackson Physician Search says, “Mastering the interview, whether it’s onsite or virtual, is the enduring challenge in physician recruitment.” Over 200 physicians participated in their 2020 Physician Interview Experience survey, which found the majority of candidates who accepted a job after their first interview felt three things: 

      1. Welcomed and excited about the organization and community
      2. Assured they had all information in hand and all their questions answered
      3. Aligned closely with the organization’s mission and values 

How important are first impressions? Inc. says people decide whether to work with you within two seconds of meeting you. Here are five ways you can make your first impression on a candidate is a positive one.

    1. Encourage people to talk about themselves. Some science-based hacks help you get people to like you, and getting people to talk about themselves is the first on the list. Whether it’s in a personal conversation, through email, or online, talking about ourselves triggers the same sensation as the pleasure in the brain as food or money, researchers say.
    2. Be aware of the way you speak. Speak clearly and with an even tone. You don’t want to be too loud or too quiet, as you could come across as dominating or shy. 
    3. Remove your protective walls. How you use your face, smile, handshake (or elbow bump), and body can be a barrier that prevents you from making a connection with the other person. Show them an “open” or caring face. Communications guru Arch Lustberg describes it even better. He says, “Look at the other person the same way you look at a baby in a crib. You welcome the baby into the world. You lift your brow, you make eye contact, and you let the baby know that you are no threat.” It may feel strange at first, but it works.
    4. Tell a story. Your voice, face, and words speak volumes, but you need to be memorable.  Find a story that relates to the situation. Whether it’s personal, funny, or educational, it will help people remember you. 
    5. Track the results of your efforts. After initial meetings, note the response of people. Pay attention to facial expressions, statements, and behaviors that follow. If the meeting included others, ask for feedback. What worked? What didn’t? Make adjustments, and your next first impression will be better. 

Your employer brand matters now more than ever, too. Your unique value proposition and reputation as an employer can help attract the best talent and make that crucial first impression. In fact, 84% of job seekers say a company’s reputation as an employer is critical when applying for a job, per everyone social. Just as you convey your personal brand as an accomplished recruiting professional every day, your employer brand tells people why they should work with you. 

The power of your first impression could easily be the difference between filling a position or not. What can you do to amp yours up? We dug into the Doximity Talent Finder database to provide some data-backed recommendations and we’re hosting a webinar on March 9, 2021. It will cover subject lines and job post titles that generate the most interest, how to draft thoughtful and inviting recruitment messages, and more. Just click the button to join the webinar. 

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