Celebrating Recruiters on National Healthcare Recruiter Recognition Day

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52847180_sIt’s National Healthcare Recruiter Recognition Day, and today Doximity is celebrating each of you. 

Here’s what we know about physician recruiters: You love to help people. It’s one of the most fulfilling things about your job (and the highlight for most recruiters). Two other things: recruiting takes hard work, and success is no accident. It’s much more than a job for many of you. It’s what makes you tick.

You’re often searching for new ways to improve your skills or learn more about the industry. You’re a significant part of the healthcare economy, and you help improve communities. When you hire a physician for a community, you provide much-needed care to the people who need it, and that enhances the quality of life for everyone.

We catch wind of fantastic hiring stories regularly, and this one from a recruiter in Atlanta really stood out: 

“I was looking for a non-invasive Cardiologist to work at a hospital heart institute in rural Georgia. I tried changing the subject line of DocMail a few times, and a great doctor finally responded. He and his wife were considering a move to North Carolina, but he was curious about the Georgia position. I explained that the location was in a town that turned into a resort for five months each year. I sent all kinds of information on the location, from the lakes to the shopping and restaurants. I also researched real estate options for him. I spoke to him frequently, and we developed a great rapport.

Before long, I submitted his CV to the facility. They did a phone interview with the Cardiologist and loved him. After that, the doctor drove up for the face-to-face interview and had dinner at the Medical Director’s home. The physician spent the night at a local hotel, and I called him the following morning. He told me he loved everything about the area and the opportunity. I followed up with the hospital that week, and they were already drafting an offer letter. The doctor starts the job in Georgia next month.”

Another recruiter’s story is as short as the time it took her to find “exactly the right physician.” Relying on her ability to search and source the right candidate, the recruiter found “a passionate new physician with innovative ideas” to take over a small but growing inpatient behavioral psychiatry unit! The physician responded to her first DocMail, but the recruiter had done the footwork first. You can find more inspiring hiring stories from recruiters here.

Yet another thing we admire about physician recruiters (which was apparent from the first story) is how you cultivate relationships. The most effective recruiters learn what motivates candidates. They learn all about a candidate’s family’s wants and needs and stay in contact regularly – even if an opportunity doesn’t work out. The rapport recruiters create is also an essential part of helping doctors set goals and find more career satisfaction. It can also be a great way to build a long-term candidate pipeline.

Lastly, teamwork makes the dream work, and no one knows that better than physician recruiters. When you work as a team to fill a position, your candidates get a great job, and together you make a community better by providing patient care where and when it’s needed.  

Physician recruiters have faced a lot of challenges over the past year, but you’re stronger and more important than ever.  We value your dedication and contributions this year. Happy National Recruiter Recognition Day!

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