Social Recruiting: 6 Ways to Drive More Results

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42328295_lPhysician recruiters have the exciting yet challenging task of sourcing quality physicians in a market where turnover is climbing, and more physicians are retiring. Passive candidates (those not actively looking for jobs) have been the Holy Grail for physician recruiters for a long while, but with the pandemic in play, more physicians are keeping their eyes open for opportunities.   

Recruiting has always been about networking, and social recruiting is convenient because it’s engaging with candidates on platforms that doctors are already using. Even better, physician candidates are more likely to be interested in an opportunity at an organization where they know people, so a professional medical network like Doximity can help uncover those connections.  

Most recruiters aren’t new to social recruiting, but it never hurts to refine your skills. We have a few tips for using social recruiting to drive more results. 

  1. Research candidates before you reach out. Data is key to social recruiting, so it’s important to look beyond a candidate’s Doximity profile. See if they’re sharing content, publishing papers, or offering opinions that may be relevant to your opportunities. Google them to see what other information is out there. A candidate is more likely to respond to a recruiter who’s done their homework and clearly understands what they do and why a role is an excellent fit for them.  
  2. Use DocMails to your full advantage. DocMails, Doximity’s proprietary HIPAA-compliant messages, have an industry-leading click-through rate of 24%. On Talent Finder, you can send up to 30 DocMails at once if your search yields under 200 results, so you don’t have to do the extra work of sending one message after the next. If you include compensation in your Talent Finder DocMails, your messages may also qualify for our Click Thru Guarantee, which credits DocMails back if you don’t get a response from a candidate within ten days. 
  3. Personalize and craft your messages. Approaching candidates with a trusted DocMail is far less intrusive than mass emails or phone calls. You have a treasure trove of profile data to leverage, so take the time to personalize your DocMails and craft a message that grabs the candidate’s interest and states outright why the candidate is a great fit for your opportunity.
  4. Harness the power of Doximity’s data with our Smart Job Posts. Doximity isn’t a traditional job board; job posts are delivered to the right candidates at the right time. A clinician clicks on a job post on Doximity every 30 seconds! 
  5. Engage with candidates consistently. Social recruiting is a long-term strategy for nurturing prospects, and because candidates engage on their own timeframe, it’s critical to maintain relationships over time. Share your expertise over time, take the time to get to know your candidates, and become a long-term trusted advisor to them.
  6. Measure the results of your social recruiting. Do you know which physicians are clicking on your jobs on Doximity? Is your team sending all of the allotted recruitment messages each month? If you're a Talent Finder client, the answers to these questions (and more) can be found using Talent Finder's reports. It’s essential to understand data-driven decisions, and we recently hosted a webinar on reporting. You can watch the recording here: Use Talent Finder Reports like a Pro.  

What if you could communicate with physician candidates in a place where they already spend time? That’s social recruiting. Apply social recruiting to your recruiting mix, and your job is likely to take on a whole new meaning and purpose. If you're not using Doximity Talent Finder, schedule a free demo today!  

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