A Day in the Life of a Doximity Physician Member

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Doximity's Physician Spotlight is an interview series highlighting prominent members of the Doximity network. Each interview sheds light on the unique challenges physicians face in medicine today and how Doximity’s tools and technology are helping doctors solve these issues. This week, they interviewed Dr. Jeremy Szeto, a family medicine physician in private practice in Sugar Land, TX. 

Watch the video or read the questions below to get a better sense of what doctors are doing on the Doximity app! 

Q: How did you originally find out about Doximity and why did you decide to sign up as a member?
A: Some of my colleagues were using Doximity, so I decided to give it a try. I found that the more I used it, the more valuable it became to me.

Q: What has kept you on Doximity?
A: Doximity offers helpful tools and features that have been very good for my practice. Some of my favorite features include Dialer and Straight-to-Voicemail, which enables me to contact my colleagues and patients, sending my call straight to their voicemail so I can leave a brief message and they can listen to it at their own convenience. Oftentimes, the physicians I need to reach are too busy, or my patients are at work and can’t pick up my phone call. This feature makes it easy for me to communicate important but non-urgent information with them. If they have questions, they can always reach me when they’re available.

Q: Are there any other features you use regularly?
A: Yes. I often read through the newsfeed, which always populates interesting and relevant articles that catch my eye. I’ll scroll through when I have free time and read up on the latest medical news. I especially like that I can see when my colleagues have commented on articles, sharing their own perspective or experience. As a medical community, I think it’s important and incredibly valuable to discuss news and research with one another. We can learn from each other and solidify our standing on a certain topic or issue.

Q: You mentioned earlier that you love using Doximity Dialer. Can you tell us more about how this feature has helped you in your practice?
A: Of course– I use Doximity Dialer almost every day. Patient communication is so important and it’s really the “backbone”of medicine. A strong patient-doctor relationship is important to make sure your patient is up to date, and understands next steps or results from a recent exam. Prior to discovering Dialer, I would have to block my number whenever I had to make calls after hours or outside my office. Most times, they wouldn't pick up. With Dialer, my patients recognize the clinic's office line on the Caller ID and know it’s me. Dialer has been a really convenient way for me to get in touch with them, wherever I may be.

Q: Why did you decide to pursue a career in medicine, specifically, family medicine?
A: I actually was volunteering at a hospital when I was in high school and just fell in love with medicine. I loved being able to help patients and thought medicine would be a really rewarding career. I chose to specialize in family medicine because it allows me to have variety. Everyday is different and I get to help a wide range of patients across all ages. It’s something that I really enjoy doing.

Q: What are some of the biggest challenges you face day-to-day?
A: The biggest one is time management. There’s only a certain number of hours during the day and it’s very difficult to juggle everything and make sure you get everything done on an expedient level.

Q: You also own your own practice in Sugar Land. What are some of the challenges you face, as a business owner?
A: As a business owner, it’s very, very difficult to be in private practice. Most of the physicians in the community are employed by big hospitals. So, being in private practice, it does require a little bit of maneuvering in terms of being business-savvy. But, it also provides flexibility and allows me to practice the kind of care in medicine that I want.

Q: What do you enjoy most about your job?
A: The best thing about my job is being able to care for my patients.

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