7 Ways to Revitalize Your Recruitment Strategy This Spring

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7 Ways to Revitalize Your Recruitment Strategy This Spring  Spring has arrived, marking the perfect time to refresh your recruitment strategy as you’re working on new opportunities. That's why we crafted this checklist to help you “spring-clean” your recruitment tactics. Happy optimizing!

  1. Organize your Inbox by creating folders for better management. To boost organization in your recruitment process, begin by setting up and utilizing folders in your Inbox. Archiving old messages helps you concentrate on current ones. Consider creating a folder for "Not Interested Right Now" responses. Follow up with these candidates later, and you may see a different outcome.
  2. Remove unused templates and prioritize the most effective ones. You may have a number of templates for jobs or messaging that you’ve used in the past that are no longer relevant. Spring is a prime opportunity to delete these and streamline your focus on what’s current. You should also consider assessing which message templates have garnered the most engagement and prioritize those for future use.
  3. Utilize candidate lists to group physicians based on criteria like specialty or location. Candidate lists provide an effective method for organizing physicians based on specific criteria. For example, if you've conducted a search for a family medicine position in Ohio but need to pause, having these physicians on a list enables you to revisit them later for outreach. You might also create a follow-up list for physicians who have not responded to messages initially. Having a list helps streamline your follow-up efforts.
  4. Analyze your data from the first three months of the year to optimize outreach. Which subject lines or job post titles have proven most effective for you this year? Utilize the reports tab in your Doximity Talent Finder account to discover insights into your most successful messages and apply your findings to enhance your future campaigns. Watch this recorded training session to learn how to use Doximity reports like a pro.
  5. Consider integrating a scheduling tool like Calendly for easier coordination. Streamline your scheduling process this spring! Doximity offers seamless integrations with Calendly, Appointlet, and Acuity. Candidates can easily schedule meetings with you directly from your scheduling link, eliminating the hassle of coordinating dates and times through messages. Take advantage of any extra time you have in the coming weeks to familiarize yourself with these tools. They'll not only save you time but also make it simpler for candidates to arrange meetings with you in the future. You can learn more about adding this feature to your Talent Finder profile here.
  6. Reflect on past hires and their lead sources to improve future recruitment efforts. Exploring past hires and their lead sources can take work to fit into your busy schedule, but it can also be highly valuable information going forward. Do the majority of your hires come from the same source? Are there sources underperforming in lead generation? Understanding your sources and the number of leads they generate can be pivotal for optimizing your future recruitment process.
  7. Tailor our Doximity Physician Recruiter Checklist to fit your specific needs. Timing is everything in physician recruitment, so we crafted a checklist for physician recruiters to use in the coming year. It offers great suggestions, and we encourage you to tailor it to your own needs. 

Spring is a good time to revitalize your recruitment strategy. As you work to fill new opportunities, take advantage of the season to refresh your approach. From organizing your inbox to analyzing data to integrating scheduling tools, these tips are bound to make you more productive, which can lead to recruitment success.

Doximity is proud to serve over two million U.S. medical professionals, many of whom are seeking career opportunities. Our clients often tell us about their success using Doximity Talent Finder to recruit. Read for yourself what experienced recruiters love about Doximity.

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