7 Things to Know if You’re Recruiting Millennial Physicians

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Recruiting Millennial PhysiciansAs final year medical residents embark on their last year of training, they’re also starting their search for a full-time position. Understanding this audience is critical to recruiting because millennial physicians are predicted to make up 75% of the workforce by 2025 (per a Brookings Report).

The ongoing arrival of this group also means that four generations of physicians are now working side by side, and that has created a new dynamic for recruiting, training, communication, and more. Because their age and experiences differ from the physicians ahead of them, here are seven things to consider when you’re writing and promoting your job opportunities to this young group of doctors:

  1. Provide a detailed picture of what a role looks like. After four years of medical school and even more years of residency training, these doctors still only have a partially developed idea of the role they may play in a hospital or facility. Don’t leave out the details, and don’t think writing job posts that are “mysterious” will intrigue a candidate enough to learn more. They’ll skip right over your post. Be transparent and direct.
  2. Focus on more than money. Although young doctors have significant debt, they’re looking for more than just a job and a salary. Millennials want a position that meets their environmental and social needs, too, and they’re eager to make a difference. Fifty percent of millennials say they want to work for a business with ethical practices (per Deloitte), so emphasize the strength of your organization’s values, philosophies, community involvement, plans, and missions in your job posts and outreach when you can.
  3. Include a statement about diversity. Millennial physician candidates don’t just want diversity in the workplace – they expect it. Highlight how you’re addressing diversity at your facility in all of your job messaging, or include a simple sentence or a link to a website page.
  4. Emphasize the life candidates will have outside of your facility. Nearly 92% of millennial physicians cite a balance between work and personal and family responsibilities as a priority (per a study from the AMA), so spotlight benefits like paid or unpaid time off for life events, on-site facilities, childcare, or mental health support. Science shows people who have a positive work-life balance do a better job at work, so promoting this balance is beneficial to your facility, too.
  5. Optimize for mobile reading. Millennial doctors are digital natives. They grew up with technology, so it shapes their work. The very idea of connectivity shapes their mindset, too, so it’s important to format your messages for electronic reading with short paragraphs, indents, and bullet points that make your job post easier to read.
  6. Amp up your virtual game. The best way to reach young physicians is through technology, and that’s more important than ever right now. Potential candidates most likely can’t do onsite interviews or visit facilities due to the pandemic, so the candidate experience has primarily become a virtual one. Learn how to make your candidate experience stand out virtually here. We also invite you to learn how to make the most of virtual interviews.  
  7. Celebrate female candidates! September is Women in Medicine Month, but it’s always a good time to talk about female physicians in the workforce. For the first time, there are more women than men in medical school, and celebrating these female physicians is a great way to address diversity and acknowledge the power of female physicians.

Social recruiting via Doximity Talent Finder is an ideal way to reach and engage this pool of millennial physicians. Doximity has over 90% of graduating residents, and our powerful search options give you the most relevant candidates for your roles. Our targeted recruiting also ensures your personalized messages get to the right candidate at the right time. To learn more, sign up for Doximity’s free online Social Certification Course.

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