6 Things Recruiters Can Do To Help Physicians Find More Career Satisfaction

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GettyImages-117079218Finding ways to maintain a high level of dedication and engagement in a job is a challenge for each of us, and it’s especially challenging for physicians. How can recruiters help candidates find more satisfaction in the near-term, and set goals and habits for long-term happiness? We have a few ideas.

Physician’s don’t live by medicine alone. They have interests and pastimes outside of medicine that help them escape from the daily grind. After all, everyone needs an outlet, and personal interests and hobbies definitely influence physicians at work. Busy physicians often engage in hobbies to blow off steam or fulfill a personal passion, but hobbies and personal interests can also enhance leadership skills and make doctors more resilient during stressful situations.  

Why would a physician recruiter talk to a candidate about personal interests and hobbies? On-the-job happiness is vital, so recruiting physicians comes down to key areas that attempt to provide career fulfillment.

Here are a few ways you can help physicians find career satisfaction:

1. Guide them in setting goals.

It’s a well-known fact that people who set goals are far more likely to achieve them versus people who simply show up by default. Setting goals goes for the candidate’s personal life as well as his or her medical career.

2. Help them take stock.

If you’re working with a candidate they’re moving on, so it’s a great time to acknowledge what they’ve learned and how they’ve grown in their previous or current position. It can help them identify what skills they want to nurture in a new opportunity.

3. Applaud the things that lifted them up.

Everyone has bad days and bad experiences. It’s human nature to view them as weaknesses, but it’s actually a great way to recognize the assets and qualities a physician has employed to help them navigate through the bad. Those attributes just might turn out to be their greatest gifts.

4. Help them stay current.

The medical profession is experiencing uncertainty and the age of technology means it’s hard to keep up. Encourage your candidates to be willing to try new activities and pursuits that advance their career: attend that conference, network with their colleagues, read up on new therapies and procedures in journals. There’s an adage that says, “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” Start doing new things and you won’t fall behind.

5. Support their search for balance.

Finding balance between patient care, learning, teaching, technologies, and the like can be overwhelming, so sometimes a change of perspective is in order. Encourage candidates to take a breather once in a while. It could be a walk around the block or a weekend with family. It could be a photography class or learning to play a musical instrument. Stephanie Wellington, MD, who writes for Nurturing MDs, says, “You are more than the MD after your name. You are a complete person. A successful medical career requires you to be successful in all areas of your life. It happens when you invest in yourself.” Encourage candidates to find things that empower them and help them be a unique person beyond their medical degree.

6. Encourage them to use Doximity.

Doctors at any stage of their career can use Doximity to connect with colleagues, classmates, and co-residents; network with colleagues and employers at leading hospitals; earn Category 1 credits; and even send and receive HIPAA-secure faxes from their mobile device. Doximity also works with 300 hospitals and healthcare organizations to help publicize employment opportunities. It’s free to physicians and your candidates can claim their profile here.

Having a satisfying career is about much more than just surviving – it’s about thriving. At Doximity, we encourage recruiters to help physicians invest in all areas of their lives. It’s their opportunity for professional and personal growth, and it’s your opportunity to make your recruiting break through.

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