The Power of Search: 6 Must-Try Searches on Doximity Talent Finder

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Screen Shot 2023-01-17 at 1.55.33 PMDoximity Talent Finder is powered by the most sophisticated search engine in healthcare. Talent Finder’s Search allows you to filter through the 1st complete directory of U.S. physicians and the over 2 million member-owned profiles within the Doximity network. Learning to harness that power can drastically change your recruiting performance.

Making sure you have a game plan going into Search will save you a lot of time and filter-adjusting down the road. For instance, you may get lost in your long list of results if you don't apply enough filters at first, and on the flip side applying too many could leave you with barely any results to work with at all!

To create your game plan, answer these three questions ahead of time:

  •   Who am I targeting and searching for?
  •   What are my “candidate musts”?
  •   What network or experience angles can I incorporate into my search?

Search includes 30+ filters that can be drilled down even more by expanding your selection within a topic. As you approach each of the filters see if a selection would return your answer to one of the three questions above. If so, make sure it is selected. If not, leave the filter unused.

You've created your game plan––now what?! What is it about Talent Finder Search that makes it the most targeted, sophisticated search engine in healthcare? Well, it comes down to its ability to find exactly the type of candidates you are looking for. And while Talent Finder has so many features that help it do this better than any other tool, there are six search features in particular that set its targeting apart.

  1. Past location ties: Doximity is a nationwide directory of physicians. What will make a physician want to relocate? Often-times, it’s because the physician once lived or worked in the area. That’s why we allow you to filter for physicians who have ever had any ties to a certain area.
  2. Past training ties: Doximity’s proprietary Residency, Fellowship and Medical School data allow you to filter candidates not only by training program type (“Internal Medicine Residency Programs”), but by program location (“Internal Medicine Residency Programs in California” AND by the program itself (“University of California at San Francisco Internal Medicine Residency Program”)! Use this powerful data to filter program alumni, physicians who have trained at programs in the nearby area, physicians who have specific training experience and much more!
  3. Hospital affiliation: Maybe you are hiring from within your organization- you can quickly filter for physicians that work for a certain hospital or health system. Or maybe, you want the opposite: you want to exclude anyone at your hospital so you only see new faces. It’s as easy as checking a box in Search.
  4. Titles: Professional titles can herald information regarding an individual’s level and degree of experience and responsibilities. Whether you’re tasked with filling a management position with a candidate that holds significant prior experience or looking for someone with less experience but on the career path and hungry for the new opportunity, you can filter physician candidates by current title.
  5. Keywords: If you're looking for a particular candidate attribute or experience that isn't already included in one of our built-in search filters, you can use the keyword search bar as a "catch-all" next bet. Many of our users like to use it to filter for EHR experience, languages spoken, association affiliations, to name a few. For instance, to search for specific EHR experience, just type in the name of an EHR and we’ll return physicians with that experience listed on their profile.
  6. Inclusive and exclusive selection: Many of these features have talked about including or excluding certain data points about physicians. This ability is one of Talent Finder’s greatest features: you can not only include search criteria, but you can also exclude certain criteria as well! Maybe you want to hire a physician from a certain subset of fellowship training programs, with a DO degree, and exclude anyone with less than 5 years of experience––you can! You are in complete control with Talent Finder Search.

Search is not the only powerful tool you’ll find using Doximity Talent Finder. Sign up for a free trial and try these searches to get a glimpse at exactly what we’re talking about.

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