Technology Challenges Doctors of All Ages: Here’s What Recruiters Can Do (Part 2)

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the-technology-gapIn an earlier article we pointed out that technology can challenge doctors of all ages. What’s important to note, though, is technology that’s challenging to one doctor (think fax machines) may not challenge another (think EHRs) – largely because undeniable differences increase the gap between doctors of different ages. We’ve always believed that understanding generational differences can drastically change your recruitment strategy, and this is especially true when it comes to technology.

Technology and the age gap

Millennial doctors are digital natives. They grew up with technology, so it shapes their work. In fact, the very idea of this connectivity shapes their mindset. EHRs aren’t a problem for Millennial physicians, who can disregard or overcome things like user interface issues. In fact, Millennials are leading indicators of future trends that will span every generation.

Doctors who are Generation X, Y, and/or Baby Boomers aren’t always as hip on technology in healthcare, in part because of tradition. Many doctors are far more comfortable with paper documents spit out of a fax machine. They’ve carried the responsibility of protecting patient information for far longer, and faxes and paper records are considered safe and secure under today’s privacy laws: HIPAA regulations specifically state that fax machines or mail are the only acceptable methods for doctors to transmit medical records.

Melding technology and patient privacy is what prompted Doximity to create two of their most frequently used Doximity features, the HIPAA-compliant fax tool and the Doximity Dial integration with Epic. If you’re using Doximity Talent Finder to recruit great physician candidates, you know a top reason your jobs get seen is because Doximity members are using the app every day. After all, Doximity’s mission is to help clinicians save time and be more productive. Check out a few things you may not know about how your potential candidates are using the Doximity app.

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