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77836040_sThe healthcare recruiting space is constantly changing, so it’s important to stay on top of your game. But let’s face it: finding the time to stay informed isn’t easy. So, what if someone read this article aloud to you while you were between meetings, on your lunch hour, or walking the dog? That’s the beauty of podcasts. You can listen to bite-sized chunks of information while you multitask.

We handpicked these 10 podcasts just for you. The topics range from recruiting, to understanding what physicians want, to learning how to enjoy work more. Happy Listening!  

    1. DriveThruHR is a great podcast for your lunch break and not just because it airs at noon. The hosts sit down with industry leaders for discussions on topics like company culture, talent acquisition, HR tech, and hiring strategies.
    2. The Talent Cast is bound to put a smile on your face on any given day. Focused on helping you re-invent employer branding and recruiting, the fun factor comes from a master podcaster (James Ellis) who says The Talent Cast will help you learn what works “so you can punch above your weight in the war for talent.”
    3. The Best Part of My Job is a podcast created by a recruiter (Lars Schmidt) who has friendly conversations about people’s favorite parts of their jobs – and the parts that aren’t so great. It satisfies a professional curiosity about what it’s like to work in certain fields and includes discussions about how to master what you do.
    4. The Talent Brand Show is a weekly podcast for hospitals and health systems that’s dedicated to recruitment marketing, engagement, and employer branding. The hosts are an RN and a healthcare marketing expert (Donna Cardillo and Mike Ciavolino) who offer tools, tips, and resources to help you recruit the best talent for your healthcare facility.
    5. The Staffing Show delivers tools and tactics from top staffing and recruiting executives and thought leaders. Episode 18, for example, is presented by Jonathan Eldridge, EVP of Experience for Brooksource: Let them see behind the curtain, it’s not Oz anymore on Building Transparency, Creating Raving Fans, and What Staffing Can Learn from Domino’s.
    6. HR Happy Hour is a top pick on almost every best recruiting podcasts list. Hosted by tech and HR gurus (Steve Boese and Trish McFarlane), it’s the longest-running, most-downloaded HR podcast around. Here’s a recent episode: Communication and Workforce Engagement During a Crisis.
    7. The Curbsiders is an Internal Medicine podcast hosted by three board-certified internists who interview experts who deconstruct topics and provide “curbside” clinical pearls, practice-changing knowledge, interesting anecdotes, patient stories, and even bad puns.
    8. Docs Outside the Box by Dr. Nii Darko asks physicians the question: Ever wondered what more you could be, what more you can do? His broadcasts cover topics about physicians who want to be impactful and add value to society beyond just medicine.
    9. Hippocratic Hustle was created by a pediatric gastroenterologist and entrepreneur (Carrie Reynolds, MD) and is dedicated to the concerns and interests of women in medicine. The podcast covers topics like finding a balance and financial freedom. Dr. Reynolds also shares the stories of women physicians who found their freedom via entrepreneurial pursuits or side-projects.
    10. Worklife with Adam Grant from explores the science of making work “not suck.” After all, a huge portion of your life is spent at work (about 90,000 hours over a lifetime, per Gettysburg College), so your job clearly makes a huge impact. Or as Annie Dillard once wrote, “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” 

There’s a reason podcasts are so popular: they’re a great way to dive into important topics and learn while you’re getting things done. Some are highly entertaining, too. So, the next time you grab a bite to eat or head out for a walk, pop on a podcast! 

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