It’s the Season of Gratitude. Here’s What We’re Thankful for this Year.

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Its the Season of Gratitude. Heres What Were Thankful for this Year.From now until January, there’s a flurry of holiday festivities and cheer. As we gather with family and friends for Thanksgiving and then celebrate the holidays (and the coming new year), all of us at Doximity have adopted an attitude of gratitude. What are we thankful for? Our Talent Solutions Team shared their expressions of thanks. 

I’m thankful for…

  1. Our amazing Talent Solutions team. The wide array of backgrounds and experiences bring such a wealth of knowledge to our clients and team. I’m fortunate to work alongside bright and talented people. 
  2. The opportunity to contribute to a field I'm passionate about, working with inspiring clients that drive our team to innovate and help them succeed. That wouldn’t happen without the Doximity Talent Solutions Team – my work family.  They make each workday enjoyable and meaningful. My family and friends earn my gratitude daily, too, including my five four-legged family members. 
  3. The sense of community I feel at Doximity, which creates a supportive and fulfilling environment. Our inspiring team is a constant source of motivation and creativity, and our clients are great champions of our work; their partnership drives our team to be our best. Most importantly, the health and well-being of my family. Their support and happiness are my foundation.
  4. The powerful Talent Finder search engine that simplifies physician recruitment. I love that we can narrow and refine our search to a specific target audience. Doximity is collaborative and the culture at Doximity is unmatched. Life is precious and I’m grateful to live a good one. 
  5. My co-workers who continuously give 110% to make our team successful. 2023 has been one of my best years, and I’m grateful for personal growth and for pushing myself to do hard things. Being present is extremely important – we can’t take things for granted.
  6. The milestones our team has achieved and our wonderful clients who help make our success possible. I’m also thankful for the personal growth opportunities provided by Doximity, which have allowed me to broaden my perspectives and enhance my ongoing exploration of self-discovery. I’m also grateful for my husband, who offers unwavering support, and my loyal and loving dog. 
  7. Our incredible clients and team, who work collaboratively in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment. We consistently share client successes across our team, and I love celebrating their achievements. It’s a privilege to work at Doximity, serving our clients and making their lives easier. I also appreciate my health and my family. My kids make the holiday season so much more joyful. 
  8. A fulfilling job and supportive colleagues who have made the journey professionally enriching and enjoyable. I'm also thankful for the abundant love and support from my family and friends, who bring joy daily to my life. Good health is another precious gift because it allows me to embrace each day fully.
  9. My friends and colleagues, who bring laughter and always have my back. They’re the real MVPs of my life. I'm also really thankful for my health – it's the key that unlocks my dreams and lets me enjoy every moment. And my family is the heart of it all, with their love and unbreakable bonds giving me comfort and strength. Life is truly rich with these three blessings.

Someone once said that a grateful Thanksgiving can be the start of a grateful life, and we could not agree more. We know physician recruitment takes long hours, hard work, and unique skills. We value everything you do and are thankful for each of you. Have a wonderful holiday season. 

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