ICYMI: The Doximity Physician Recruitment Year in Review

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doc-on-tablet-800px.pngHappy New Year! Now that we’re all settling into 2017 we thought we’d take a quick look back at a few things that shaped Doximity and Talent Finder last year and also highlight some of the most read articles by physician recruiters.

Among other things in 2016, Doximity launched an interactive salary map for physician assistants – the first crowdsourced salary map for PAs by specialty and county. And to celebrate of Nurse Practitioner Week, we also launched the first interactive salary map for nurse practitioners by specialty and county.

Doximity also topped Deloitte’s 2016 Technology Fast 500™, which named Doximity the Fastest Growing Company in the San Francisco Bay Area and the sixth fastest in North America. Apple listed Doximity as a Top App for Healthcare Professionals. And because greater communication leads to better health outcome, Doximity launched a new, free app called Doximity Dialer, which allows physicians to call patients from their cell phone without using *67. Patients see a physician’s office line in the caller ID.

On the physician recruitment front, Doximity Talent Finder continued to outperform other recruitment apps and here on the blog, we continued to focus on topics of interest to innovators in physician recruitment. The following five articles were the most read on the blog, which you can read in full via the links.

1. What the rise of urgent care & retail medicine clinics meant to physician recruiters

Do doctors want to work in urgent care? The answer looks like yes. Healthcare reform and an evolving market are shaping who urgent care doctors are and how they practice medicine. Today the American Academy of Urgent Care Medicine says about 20,000 physicians practice urgent care medicine and that number is growing. They cite that pay is generally better and physicians are offered better hours. As the physician shortage persists, urgent care centers provide a more efficient way for doctors and patients to make use of their time. Read more.

2. How the age of physicians is affecting the locum tenens landscape

Retired and semiretired doctors still work locum tenens but they no longer represent the majority of locum physicians. We published our six surprising findings about physicians interested in locum tenens earlier, but one thing that stood out to us was the age of physicians interested in locums. Namely, while younger physicians show a preponderance of interest in locum assignments, older physicians actually replied to locum opportunities most often. Read more.

3. Physicians want opportunities with purpose. Are you delivering?

Doctors want to reconnect with patients and they want to be part of something bigger than themselves. For some, when they’re not working, doctors look to find that sense of purpose elsewhere – like combining patient care with policy work. Increasingly, when physicians change jobs, they actively look to work for a company whose mission and values match their own personal values. In fact, more than half of America’s job seekers want their career to have meaning. If you’re not delivering, you could potentially be turning off a huge portion of physician candidates – all because you’re missing an important ingredient in your message: the importance of a purpose. Read more.

4. Why mobile is the new physician recruitment frontier

Mobile is officially a staple in the doctor’s office: 84% use smartphones for professional purposes and tablets have risen to nearly 60% (according to eMarketer and a Kantar Media study). Take the Doximity app, for instance. It’s consistently ranked among the best – and most used – apps for doctors. In fact, Apple lists Doximity as a top app for healthcare professionals in its App Store.

For doctors who’ve long relied on sifting through medical journals for new information, Doximity is an easy way to get credible medical news and stay up to date on the latest current events in medicine. It offers HIPAA-secure texting, a free efax number, and powerful search options for specialist referrals and more. Doximity also helps doctors navigate their careers; they’re mobile, and that’s where they go to look for a new gig. Read more.

5. Why Doximity Talent Finder is the best app for physician recruiters

Doximity isn’t a public job board or a database, it’s a network – a tool physicians are already using every day. Recruiters use Doximity Talent Finder to identify physicians who could be a good fit, and offers options for custom personalized outreach that’s not invasive. And because Doximity Talent Finder is the social recruiting platform built on Doximity, it allows you to discover and connect solely with physician candidates – versus culling through broad social networks or CV databases.

Doximity Talent Finder allows you to use a targeted and personalized approach to introduce physician candidates to appealing practice opportunities. Recruiting via Doximity Talent Finder also establishes trust and confidence, something physicians appreciate because they’ve grown weary of faceless “spam” emails.

Doximity Talent Finder is also a great solution for reaching passive candidates. Read more.

Do you have questions or topics about the physician recruitment landscape you’d like to read about on this blog? We’d love to help. Just send us an email: jlindeman@doximity.com

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