Great Physician Recruiting Starts with a Great Physician Recruiter Profile

Posted by Doximity TF Team

When you use Doximity Talent Finder to find and hire great physician candidates, you own a recruiter profile on the Doximity Network that you can use to help you sell. And let’s face it, physician recruitment is selling. Selling opportunities. Selling your organization. Selling yourself.

Physician candidates view your profile when you reach out to them with opportunities, so your Doximity physician recruiter profile (and any online profile) should convey your personal brand – who you are and what you’ve accomplished as a professional recruiter. The importance of your employer brand – what candidates think, feel, and share about your organization as a place to work – is critical, too. In fact, research has shown that a strong employer brand reduces cost per hire and lowers turnover rates.

Take the time to focus on creating a great recruiter profile and you’ll be much more likely to connect with candidates online. Here are five tips to help you make the most of your profile.

number-1-icon.pngInclude a profile photo. This is a must! It portrays your online brand identity, puts a professional face to your outreach, and ensures physician candidates know there’s a real person behind your career opportunities. Over 25% of physician candidates will click on your recruiter profile before they reply to a message, so we recommend you use a current, professional headshot of yourself. A company logo or non-headshot (like a family or team photo), receive fewer responses on average.

number-2-icon.pngShow what makes you a great physician recruiter. Do you have a successful track record? Have you won an award or two? Physician candidates want an opportunity that will carry them into the future, so show them how you’re capable of doing just that. And don’t forget to include relevant industry associations, for example an ASPR or NAPR membership and/or certifications.

number-3-icon.pngKeep all of your information current. It sounds obvious, but it’s vital. Triple check that your company name, title, and contact information is all up to date. You want physicians to reach you directly, and your professional presence here is an extension and reflection of your company brand.

number-4-icon.pngTell physicians who you are and how you can advance their career. Physician candidates know what you do, now communicate who you are. Keep it professional, but include a shared interest that might get the conversation going. Do you have an “elevator pitch” you typically use in-person about yourself? Include it here and your recruiter profile acts as your virtual handshake.

number-5-icon.pngInclude links to great online resources. Does your facility have a compelling collateral piece online? Is there a great facility video or overview? Add up to three links to your recruiter profile to direct physician candidates relevant and inspiring resources.

Creating a strong Doximity Talent Finder recruiter profile – one that is complete and up to date – is the best way to establish your professional presence and represent your brand. It’s a powerful resource that could be the difference between your hiring success and failure.

We recently created a roundup of these recruiter profile tips, along with tips for writing effective DocMail messages, conducting powerful Doximity searches, and optimizing Doximity DocPosts. Download the Physician Recruiters Guide to Using Doximity Talent Finder Tools now and put the power of Doximity Talent Finder to work for you.


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