8 Recruitment Tips for the Holiday Season

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8 Recruitment Tips for the Holiday SeasonStand out from your competition this holiday season and keep recruiting throughout December. Fewer jobs are posted during this time of the year, and many organizations even put a hold on hiring. This presents a great moment to make your job opportunities even more visible. Many clinicians also take a few days off, giving them more time to see and follow up on your job opportunities. 

How do you make the month of December the most productive of the year? Here are some tips from Doximity’s Talent Solutions Team.

  1. Get a jump start on Q1. The holidays will be over before we know it, and you have a whole list of things to do in January. Get a jumpstart on the new year by spending some time this month making a 2024 game plan, so you’re ready come January. We created the Doximity recruitment checklist to help get you started. 
  2. Take stock of your recruitment efforts. From job posts to messages and other outreach, review what worked best in 2023 and what should be updated. Apply what you learn to enhance your plan and messaging for 2024. Need help getting started? Watch this webinar for a formula you can use for effective recruitment messages.
  3. Review your wins and losses from the year. Do you know why your hires joined your organization? And what about those who left or one you lost to a competitor? What lessons can you learn and implement in 2024?
  4. Check back in with clinicians you didn’t get to hire. Perhaps they were a great candidate, but took another position, were better suited for another role, or weren’t quite ready for a change. At the end of the year, many people re-examine their present and future and now may be the right time. 
  5. Identify top priorities for the new year. What positions are most crucial for you to fill? Is someone retiring? Are new facilities or offices opening that you need to hire for? It’s easier to align your goals if you can determine what’s on the radar and where you need to start. You could also identify which specialties and practices are growing the most.
  6. Send a seasonal card or note to the physicians you haven’t heard back from. The holidays are the perfect opportunity to reconnect and start a new conversation.
  7. Engage in holiday events as excellent networking opportunities. Get-togethers are a great way to meet people face-to-face when people are more relaxed and open to conversations. You might meet a candidate or someone who knows a clinician who is open to a new position. 
  8. Audit your jobs. If details or parameters of your job descriptions have changed, take the opportunity to update them now. This is also an excellent time to build candidate lists that narrow your audience by activity, specialty, medical schools, residency programs, fellowships, etc. Review your results, and have a list of contacts to jump-start your 2024.

If you’re using Doximity Talent Finder, our client success managers are here to help you set goals and guide you through best practices to ensure you succeed on our platform. You can reach out to your CSM directly or at success@doximity.com.

If you’re not using Doximity Talent Finder to source and recruit physicians, seeing a product demo is another efficient use of your time during the holidays. Sign up to see the platform now.

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