8 Great Resources for Physician Recruiters

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iPad_Search_ResultsLet’s start with a couple of “what if” questions. What if you could streamline your recruiting process and spend more time proactively reaching out to physician candidates? What if you knew about some key online resources that could help?

You’re already reading this, so you’re off to a great start. A plethora of great resources are out there to help you take a step back, discover new trends in recruiting, and chart some interesting dialogue. Who knows, maybe you’ve already jumped into the foray. We’ve created this list of 8 resources—ranked in no particular order—that we believe you’ll find highly valuable. 

1.TalentCulture is a multi-generational blogging community of recruiting and HR leaders that offers insight and advice on career management, workplace culture, personal branding, and more. The TalentCulture blog has been dubbed a “living metaphor for the social workplace” and offers tips for recruiters, hiring managers, and HR pros at any stage of their career. TalentCulture also conducts a live-chat forum on Twitter on Wednesdays (#TChat), where all kinds of recruiting folks get chatty about the latest hiring topics. 

2. Steve Levy (@LevyRecruits on Twitter) calls himself a “tell-it-like-it-really-is advisor” and an “Old School/New Cool” practitioner who recruits to retain. He mentors recruiters and hiring managers to think and perform better, and is one of the Top 100 most social HR folks and Influential recruiters on Twitter. You’ll also find him blogging at Recruiting Inferno.


3. Jim Stroud (@jimstroud on Twitter) is a prolific blogger, recruitment trainer, and social media maven. He covers online sourcing and lead generation best practices through The Searchologist; he’s also the voice behind the recruitment blog The Recruiters Lounge. Stroud has his finger squarely on the pulse of the social recruiting scene, and shares relevant news articles, blog posts and links that are valuable and timely.

4. Laurie Ruettimann
(@lruettimann on Twitter) is the voice behind The Cynical Girl and a sought-after speaker and writer who advocates for a common approach to traditional employment practices. Her career advice has appeared in publications including The New York Times and US News and World Report. With 10 years of Fortune 500 HR experience, Reutimann knows her stuff. She’s also funny and quotable. Ruettimann writes about HR (and cats) on her eponymous website where you’ll also find her eBook, I Am HR.

5. RecruitingBlogs.com is an active social network/hub for recruitment discussion where you’ll find topical blog posts, industry discussions, webinar & video content, event information, and a selection of whitepapers. RecruitingBlogs hosts over 100,000 members who discuss, share, and collaborate on recruiting and HR’s latest developments, products, services and techniques. Recruiters can submit blog posts and share their knowledge with the community, so you’ll find diverse reading and a wide range of viewpoints and opinions on relevant recruitment topics.

6. National Association of Physician Recruiters (@NAPRsource on Twitter) might seem like an obvious pick but did you know they have a School of Healthcare Recruitment? It offers basic on-demand recruiting training for recruiters who have less than two years of experience and advanced recruiting training for recruiters who’ve been around the block. Membership in NAPR has its privileges, too, like marketing and networking opportunities. Take a look at the Top 10 reasons to join NAPR and become a member. 

7. Association of Advancing Physician and Provider Recruitment offers education, resources, and networking advice for seasoned professionals and newbies. AAPPR is the only professional organization exclusive to in-house physician recruitment professionals, so you’ll find common issues—and an uncommon level of support—among your peers.

8. Doximity Talent Finder Blog (@DoximityTF on Twitter) is our last (humble) pick. To quote bestselling author Maggie Warrell, “Failing to toot your horn—with the right people, in the right way, and at the right time—doesn’t serve anyone.” So we invite you to keep coming back here and please let us know how we’re doing. Our goal is to help you recruit the right physicians via social recruiting on Doximity. The Doximity Talent Finder team also aims to spread ideas and to share a greater vision with the physician recruitment community. After all, today’s business adage is really “Who knows what you know?”

In his new book, How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big: Kind of the Story of My Life, Scott Adams (the creator of Dilbert) says, “If you have a system of continuously improving your marketable skills, you open yourself to a larger world of new job possibilities and you’re playing a game you’re likely to win.” We say spending a little time seeing what’s out there—not to mention collaborating with colleagues—is bound to open up new worlds for physician recruitment. 

Now, be sure and check out our follow up post with another 5 great resources for physician recruiters

Do you bank on some sources that still didn’t make our lists? Share your insights with us. And if you aren't using Doximity Talent Finder to recruit the right candidates, we invite you to learn more about why social recruiting can help you find the best candidates.

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