5 Talent Finder Tips That Will Immediately Make Your Life Easier

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iPhone.jpgAs we have pointed out in the past, Doximity Talent Finder is powered by the most sophisticated search engine in healthcare. We recently asked some of our most successful clients for their best Talent Finder tips, and they let us in on some really innovative strategies for taking advantage of the power of Talent Finder Search-- not only to surface the best candidates, but even more-so, to make them better at their jobs!

Here are our five favorite tips for using Talent Finder Search that will immediately make your life easier.

  1.      Search as a workflow tool. The Talent Finder Mobile App is built on the same search engine power and functionality that the website is built upon. On the app, you can build a candidate list before heading to a conference or a meeting (Tip: make sure the list name is easily identifiable, like “Doximity Conference 2016”). Whenever you meet a new candidate, open up the Talent Finder App and search for their name. Quickly add them to your list (you can even have the doc point out their profile!). When you come home from the conference, log into Talent Finder on your desktop and open your conference list––you can now easily follow up with all the physicians you met on the road! With conference season upon us, this one is especially powerful and guaranteed to save you time and make you more informed while on the road!
  2.     Build a candidate pipeline. Having a pipeline of candidates vetted and ready for when new job opportunities arise sounds great in theory, but is often hard to implement. Talent Finder makes it easier. Save your basic searches that return candidates that are right for your organization, then use those searches with an extra filter for the type of opening available. Also, if you have the time, the ability to save candidates to a List allows for even more specialized and personalized pipelines.
  3.     Team collaboration. Your actions in Search don’t just carry over from the mobile app to your desktop, but can also be communicated to the rest of your team. As you search for candidates, you can leave notes on their profiles which can be read by everyone on your team with a Talent Finder seat. Pull together a list of top candidates with specific annotations for the rest of your team and review their notes as well. You can cut down on the back and forth when everyone’s thoughts are recorded in the same place.
  4.     Checking "inbound candidates". Not all your candidates will come through Talent Finder. When you get a lead on an "inbound candidate" (i.e. anyone who applies directly through your career website, other recruitment tools you may use, or approaches you directly in another way), do some quick, secondary research on them through Talent Finder Search. Supplement their paper resume with a quick peek at their Doximity profile––these profiles have, on average, 28 data points of physician experience information, some of which may not have been included on their paper resume.
  5.     Do it all on-the-go. Our favorite story we heard shows how easy it is to use Talent Finder on-the-go. One of our clients found herself running to attend her child’s school performance while up against a candidate search deadline. In between performance sets, she was able to search and identify the candidates she was looking for, add them to a candidate list, and capture a few notes on why each made for a great candidate. The next morning she had her list waiting for her to send messages out first thing! The Doximity Talent Finder iOS mobile app is the first and only app built specifically for physician recruitment and it’s free with a Talent Finder subscription.

Do you have any tips on taking advantage of the power of Talent Finder? Write in and let us know! And make sure you check out our blog on the six features of Search you should be using to find the right candidates. If you aren’t on Talent Finder, sign up for a free trial to get a glimpse at exactly what it can do.

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