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GettyImages-reading-850With countless articles about recent changes and challenges facing healthcare systems, it can be hard to find the time to stay up-to-date on the latest news. To make it easier for you, we’re sharing some favorite articles that our team has come across this past month, plus the top articles doctors are clicking on Doximity right now. 

    1. How Forbes' Best Employers in Healthcare are Improving Their Workplaces for Women. Earlier this year, Beckers Hospital Review asked organizations included on the Forbes 2020 list of America's Best Employers for Women to reveal some of the changes they’ve made in order to get on this list. Here are responses from some of the top organizations in healthcare today.
    2. How Telemedicine Became the Most Essential Business in America Today. We’ve all heard about the recent success of telemedicine, but did you know Medical Economics is calling it the “most essential business in America”? This article provides insights into some underlying factors of its rapid growth while addressing questions around its safety and ability to integrate into existing hospital systems.
    3. Diversity in Medicine: An Innovative Approach to Resident Physician Recruitment. In this interview with the Emergency Medicine Residency Program Director at Boston Medical Center, Dr. Spector, he discusses the importance of diversity in medicine and describes strategies used in his residency program to recruit a diverse group of resident physicians.
    4. 4 Ways to Effectively Manage and Lead Teams Virtually. While not specific to physician recruitment, this article is a must-read for any manager adjusting to having a remote team. It shares 4 major tips on what managers can do to help ensure a happy and productive remote team. 
    5. Trendline Report: Healthcare Labor. This is a roundup of articles from Healthcare Dive on healthcare worker sentiment and changes amid the pandemic. From strikes to PPE shortages, emergency staffing needs and more, this piece addresses many of the challenging realities facing workers today. 
  1. Top articles doctors are reading on Doximity right now: 
    1. What to Know About KN95 Masks. From why you should wear a mask, to who made your mask, and what the different types of N95 masks are, this Wall Street Journal piece covers nearly everything a physician might get asked about mask wearing.
    2. Physician Retirement Checklist. As 2020 continues to be a tough year for physicians, retirement may be more top of mind for many of them. This FiPhysician article explains some of the basics around what physicians should consider before deciding if they’re financially ready for retirement.
    3. 7 Financial Mistakes Doctors Make (& How to Avoid Them). Given how much time and effort doctors put into their medical education, it may be surprising how little effort goes into their financial education. This article from Physicians on Fire provides 7 fantastic financial tips all healthcare providers should keep in mind.

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