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Doximity Talent Finder had been updated! And while the site looks better than ever, these new features are more than just a facelift. We updated the platform from the ground up, and a few of the new features include: simpler, streamlined workflow to send DocMails, improved text analysis and machine learning algorithms on published Job Posts to match opportunities with the best candidates, and brand new Dashboard to monitor activity and stay up-to-date on your team's outreach. Read on for the details.

So what can you expect from the new Talent Finder?

Like we said, we have completely re-designed the platform, all the way down to the bones. These improvements will deliver improved text analysis and machine learning algorithms on published Job Posts to match opportunities with the best candidates- delivering your jobs to even more of the right candidates while they work within Doximity.

You will also see a simpler, more streamlined workflow to compose and send your DocMails to physicians. The update will offer the ability to send a DocMail from anywhere in your workflow, allowing you to send a message when it matters most.

We've also inccluded a fully integrated Dashboard to monitor your recruiting on Talent Finder. The Dashboard is the best place to get a sense for how your campaigns are doing. From your utilization numbers, to your response and click through rate, you can see which campaigns are working well and which you can tweak a bit to improve.

Search, Templates and Lists will all see updates over the next few months to make them just as intuitive as the new functions unveiled today.

If you'd like to see the updates and get some tips on how to use the new system, we will be hosting two webinars this week, on Tuesday August 29 and Thursday August 31 at 11am PST, 1pm EST. You can sign up for either of the webinars here:

Not using Talent Finder and want to learn more about incorporating it into your recruiting strategy? Reach out via a demo request and we'll show you the entire site, including the most powerful search in healthcare and how our machine learning algorithms deliver the most relevant job posts to the right candidates at the right time:

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