It’s the happiest season of all for physician recruitment

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Holiday-Landscape-800px.pngYou have holly in your heart and the promise of a few days off for the holidays, but don’t let the mistletoe and eggnog slow down your physician recruitment. December and January are some of the best months to recruit practicing physicians. In fact, December is the second busiest month for hiring.

Think physicians are too busy celebrating the holidays to look at your job posts? Think again.

Just like the rest of us, a lot of physicians take vacation and/or sick days they’ve accumulated around the holidays, too, and they’re likely to spend some of that time looking at new opportunities. Fewer jobs are posted during this slack period, so any jobs you post will be much more visible (your competitors may be taking advantage of the holiday season to slack off a bit, too). So if aren’t updating your opportunities now—when many candidates have time to peruse your jobs and they’re more visible—you’ll miss out.

The festive mood of the holiday season means physician candidates are also likely to spend more time reviewing your DocMail.

Don’t make messaging during the holidays business as usual, either. Take advantage of the change of pace and season, and send some messages that are reflective and strategic but also relationship driven.

Seasonal downtime is also a great time to work on employer branding.

Most physician recruiters who effectively market their employer brand find it’s easier to maintain a pipeline full of great physician candidates. Why? Because a great employer brand will attract great physicians even if there isn’t a specific assignment open for them right now.

New Year's resolutions take on a new life this time of the year, too.

Although many people don’t follow through with their resolutions, there’s a sense of recharge and renewal when the year ticks over to 2016. In fact, many physicians take a look at their careers and ask themselves if it’s time for a change – so the holiday season is the perfect time to get your opportunities in front of them. Consider the candidates who want to secure a position by the end of 2016: new physicians coming out of training are actively beginning their job search now. Recruiting during the holidays (and through to spring) might give you the time a candidate needs for a site visit; they can make a decision before the end of spring in order to relocate or transition over the summer.

About all those holiday shindigs and potlucks you’re attending…

You’re meeting a plethora of people who just might be a candidate or know someone who is. Take advantage of holiday socials to spread the good news about your recruiting efforts.

The holiday season is also a great time to solidify relationships and reconnect with candidates you haven’t worked with in a while.

Take advantage of the holiday spirit to offer olive branches if you need to – and ensure your messages are full of hope and success for another New Year. Make the most of the winter holiday recruiting season and you’ll be singing a hallelujah chorus of your own.

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