Introducing: Multiple State License Filter

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Multiple State Licenses Filter

Up until now, when searching on Talent Finder for physician candidates licensed in more than one state, you had individually select the specific states the physician was licensed in. However, as technology continues to make the world a smaller and smaller place and telemedicine and locum tenens career options become ever more popular, more and more physicians are getting licensed in more than one state.

In response to this, many of our clients have requested a better way to identify physicians with multiple state licenses. Today, Talent Finder is happy to announce the new multiple state license filter.

This update to Search provides a new pair of filter options in the Experience category, which allow users to search specifically for physicians with “2 or more state licenses” or “3 or more state licenses.”


Say, you are searching for a board certified physician with less than 10 years of clinical experience for your telepsychiatry practice that must be able to practice in multiple states. Instead of selecting specific states and hoping your candidate matches up, you can quickly choose “2 or more state licenses” to hone your results:


It's that easy! Find your next hire now:

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