Innovators in Recruitment: Scott Robbins at Matrix Medical Network

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Scott_RobbinsScott Robbins calls himself a “Human Capital Executive" and he’s been hugely successful for 18 years. He’s known for his wildly out-of-the-box thinking, which is precisely why Scott joined Matrix Medical Network almost four years ago – they're boldly changing the way healthcare is delivered.

In 2001, Matrix broke out of the traditional physician office visit model and now delivers innovative, comprehensive healthcare – in the home – through a national network of primary care providers and nurse practitioners. Scott says they address the big-picture healthcare needs of health plan members, assessing everything from their health conditions, to their support systems, to other environmental factors that impact their well-being.

Healthcare is evolving, and so is the way Matrix delivers care

As the Vice President of Recruitment, Scott has been building the Matrix team one person at a time: Matrix grew from 350 employees to 1,700 within 36 months with Scott at the recruiting helm. In 2014 the company hired 806 employees in just seven months. We could smother you with Matrix recruiting metrics, but one that really matters is the TTF (time-to-fill): currently 20 days for clinical positions and less than 16 days for non-clinical positions.

"Very rarely do you find a company who can really make a huge difference, both to its clients and to the people whom the clients serve."

Advancing the delivery of quality care, one home visit comprehensive health assessment at a time

“We partner with health plans across the country to deliver high-quality in-home health to Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, and Commercial members. These home visits help health plans balance costs and improve the quality of care for their members. By assessing member needs in a comfortable and relaxed home setting, Matrix is able to take the time to listen, engage, educate, and deliver personalized recommendations.”

In 2014, the company completed more than 468,000 hour-long assessments. In fact, Matrix is one of the largest providers of prospective comprehensive health assessments in the country. So how are the physicians Scott recruits to work at Matrix Medical Network responding to the new model?

home-assessment-800pxHis Biggest Physician Recruitment Challenge

“Finding physicians who understand the comprehensive health Assessment model is our biggest recruiting challenge,” says Scott. “Once physician candidates learn about the Matrix healthcare model, they really like it. The model allows Individuals who are progressive and want to make a broader impact in the healthcare space to cross-collaborate and have better information, which makes for better healthcare. Our physicians end up impacting members who otherwise may not have had access to the necessary resources to better improve their health outcomes.”

"We’ve always leveraged new technology to create our Human Capital Team, so Doximity Talent Finder was a perfect fit. It gives us access and a means that others just don’t have."

Scott puts Doximity Talent Finder to work at Matrix

"We started using Doximity about eight months ago," says Scott. "We have one physician recruiter who is dedicated to using the tool and 17 physicians have already been hired.” Matrix hires about 80 physicians annually and the age of the physicians they hire is very broad: from fellowship to midcareer to semi-retired.

Tips for using Doximity Talent Finder Effectively

“Cost of communication is low with Doximity Talent Finder,” Scott says. “You don’t have to play hide-and-seek with physician candidates as you do with other systems – they’re all interconnected with Doximity. We are leveraging the system to its fullest ability.”

When it comes to messaging on Doximity, Scott says they have to change the mindset of physician candidates and broaden their spectrum of thinking. “We already use a proprietary model based on geography to coordinate recruiting efforts, so Doximity Talent Finder fits nicely with what we’re already doing. We use the advanced search tool on Doximity Talent Finder for geographical and practice preferences, licensing states, and other key information.”

Matrix as a whole is changing the face of healthcare – by helping health plan members achieve a better quality of life through better health care. Matrix recruits nurpse practitioners and physicians for opportunities in 37 states and it’s growing. “Matrix is changing lives each and every day,” Scott says.

Scott joined the Doximity Recruiter Advisory Board earlier this year to put his expertise to work making an even better physician recruitment product. You can also read about another Innovator in Recruitment, Jamie Haines, right here. We also invite you to download a case study about how Scott and Matrix are innovating physician recruitment now:

Download the Case Study

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