5 Challenges Facing Physicians and how Doximity can Help

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female-doctor-800px.pngEach year, Medical Economics publishes a list of the Top 10 Challenges Facing Physicians for the year and how to overcome them. Topping their list for 2017 are MACRA, prior authorizations, and negotiating with payers. Staying motivated to practice medicine came in at number four. That’s a challenge we write about frequently in the physician recruitment realm.

At the end of last year, Doximity wrote about a few of the major headaches physicians encounter and how being on Doximity can help alleviate those. Here’s a quick overview that you can suggest to any physicians you might work with experiencing such problems:

CHALLENGE #1: Calling patients. Doctors need to call patients, but they don’t want to give out their personal number, and if they use *67 to call patients from a blocked number, they don’t pick up.

SOLUTION: The new, free app called Doximity Dialer allows doctors to call patients from their cell phone without using *67. Patients see a physician’s office line in their Caller ID.

Physicians are strapped for time and it’s nearly impossible to filter through and keep up with daily medical news.

SOLUTION: When doctors claim their Doximity profile, they have access to the Doximity newsfeed, which provides daily, curated medical news in one place. They also receive weekly email digests tailored to their specialty. Doctors can read it online or on their phone.

Compensation is important to doctors, who want to make sure they’re being compensated fairly in comparison to other physicians in their geographic area.

SOLUTION: The Doximity Career Navigator tools gives Doximity physician member free access to salary data from tens of thousands of physicians, medical groups, hospitals, and healthcare organizations. We recently launched salary comparisons for Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners, as well.

A physician’s license renewal is coming up and they need CME Credits but don’t have time to attend a conference.

SOLUTION: Physicians can earn Category 1 CME at no cost simply be reading CME-eligible articles on Doximity.

Physicians are still regularly using fax machines. Yes, it’s 2017 and they’re reliant on 1980’s technology!

SOLUTION: Physicians can go digital using Doximity’s free fax and digital signature on our mobile app.

Like each of us, doctors want to enjoy their work. Are you helping candidates to do so? We’ve written recently about overcoming physician burnout and building a more satisfying career that can help you address topics with your physician candidates. And speaking of doctors on the go, Doximity Talent Finder is a great mobile app that can help physician recruiters on the go, too. If you’re not using the app, you can download it here.   


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