8 COVID-19 Articles Worth Reading (Including What Doximity Members Are Reading)

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We know there have been a lot of articles about COVID-19 and it can be overwhelming to determine which ones are worth reading. We've hand selected some articles from the past week  we found most relevant, and are also sharing the top articles Doximity members are reading.

1. Will COVID-19 be a tipping point for telehealth in the U.S.? As more providers (and patients) are encouraged to do telehealth visits instead of in-person visits for non-emergent cases during this crisis, it’s worth wondering how this will shift care delivery models going forward.

2. Italy Taps Graduating Medical Students During Coronavirus Outbreak—Will The U.S. Do The Same? In anticipation of medical staff shortages among a surge in coronavirus cases, countries like Italy are hoping medical students can help fill the gaps. This article goes into more detail on whether the U.S. may follow suit.

3. Hospitals Need a Surge — of Doctors. Another way hospitals are responding to the demand for more providers is by reaching out to retired doctors, who have offered to step up if they can easily renew their licenses and admitting privileges.

4. What You Need to Know About Telehealth During the Coronavirus Crisis. Keeping hospitals clear for confirmed cases means managing your health from home with technology. Today, nearly 80% of hospitals in the U.S. now have some sort of telehealth service, and this global emergency is putting it to the test.

5. To Treat COVID-19, Administration Expected to Relax Physician Licensing. But No Regulation Yet. Doctors and other medical professionals are awaiting a new government regulation that would allow them to work across state lines during this COVID-19 outbreak. This could be a game changer for your immediate staffing needs. 

The following were the top clicked articles by medical professionals in Doximity’s COVID-19 Newsroom:

1. He Tested Negative For COVID. Two Days Later This Doc Was On A Ventilator. As the world grapples to understand more about who is at risk for the novel coronavirus, we hear of two doctors with no pre-existing health conditions, hospitalized after testing positive for the virus.

2. The Incubation Period of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) From Publicly Reported Confirmed Cases: Estimation and Application. This report attempts to  estimate the length of the incubation period of COVID-19 and describe its public health implications based on a study of confirmed COVID-19 cases in China. 

3. Real Estimates of Mortality Following COVID-19 Infection. This article looks at mortality rates of COVID-19 by location and explains the thought process for how researchers can estimate future mortality rates. It also reminds readers that mortality estimates of COVID-19 are based on confirmed cases. 

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