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We know there are countless articles about coronavirus and its effects on hospitals, doctors and clinical administrators - and society at large. We also know that you’re busy and don’t have time to sift through the thousands of articles right now. So, we thought we’d share some favorite articles that our team has come across this past month (plus the top articles doctors are clicking on Doximity. 

1. Primary Care Recruitment: How 3 Organizations are Moving the Needle. Recruiting primary care physicians has always been a challenge, but it’s proving to be even more difficult during the current pandemic. Here’s what three separate healthcare organization’s recruitment teams are doing to stand out.

2. Rural Hospitals Need More Than Telehealth to Survive the Pandemic. It’s no secret that rural hospitals have been struggling to stay afloat for many years. As telehealth becomes an increasingly popular alternative to traditional hospital care, rural hospital leaders warn that it's a mistake to rely on a one size fits all solution for virtual care. One example mentioned in this article is that many rural communities lack access to the internet.

3. Doctor Treats COVID-19 Overnight, From His Living Room. On the contrary to the article above, this piece from U.S New & World Reports shines light on how telemedicine can aid traditional forms of care seeking extra support. This story focuses on a single doctor who is used to practicing telemedicine and has an at-home setup which includes four computer monitors. He takes roughly 50 calls a night from his on-the-ground colleagues to help treat coronavirus patients.

4. CMS Issues Explanatory Guidance On Nationwide Blanket Stark Law Waivers. In response to COVID-19, the CMS recently issued new guidelines for the physician self-referral law (Stark Law). Some of these guidelines include the applicability of the Stark Law waivers in relation to loans and application of the waivers to indirect compensation arrangements. While we admit this isn’t the most exciting read, it’s an important one for recruiters so you can stay up-to-date.

5. Physician Burnout, Interrupted. ”With the COVID-19 pandemic, medicine is at a crisis point. Health care professionals are responding with an astounding display of selflessness, caring for patients despite the risk of profound personal harm. Our efforts are recognized and applauded. During this interlude filled with uncertainty, there has been a sense of altruism and urgency that has unexpectedly catalyzed the restoration of some elements of autonomy, competency, and relatedness. Indeed, the whole medical system, including hospital administrators and insurers, among others, has rallied to support the caregivers. But will these positive changes be sustained?” 

The following were the top clicked articles by medical professionals in Doximity’s COVID-19 Newsroom:

1. Insight into FDA’s Revised Policy on Antibody Tests: Prioritizing Access and Accuracy. On May 4th, 2020 the FDA issued an update to a policy from March 16, 2020 on antibody tests for COVID-19. Under this revised policy, the FDA has outlined new regulations to help assure the accuracy of the new antibody tests, including providing specific performance threshold recommendations for specificity and sensitivity for all serology test developers.

2. A Young Doctor, Fighting for His Life. In this New York Times opinion piece, we hear the story of a young Emergency Medicine resident who comes down with the coronavirus and is forced to be a patient in his own hospital. Although he did recover, it’s a frightening reminder of how serious the coronavirus can be, even for a young, healthy physician.

3. We Asked, You Answered: What Changes Would You Make to NP Licensing and Certification Processes? Earlier this year, Doximity asked NPs what changes they would make to their licensing and certification processes, and the hypothetical generated significant discussion. In this Doximity original article, we share the trends we saw from our NP responses.

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