5 simple tips for sourcing and recruiting high-demand Primary Care Physicians

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family-physician-800px.pngPrimary care physicians (family doctors) top the list of the most highly recruited physicians in the U.S. again this year (followed by psychiatrists, internists, obstetrician/gynecologists, and hospitalists), per a new report from Merritt Hawkins.

Why are these physicians in such high demand? The primary care physician gap is growing – from 12,000 to 31,000 by 2025 (according to the Association of American Medical Colleges) and it represents a significant cost: an average of $1 million per vacancy per PCP, per year (according to the New England Journal of Medicine). The NEJM also reports that only four percent are very actively looking for employment at any given time, which makes sourcing and recruiting them even more difficult.

If you’re recruiting these candidates, there’s a lot to consider beyond compensation, including the location (and desirability) of a job, work flexibility, and incentive packages. And if a location isn’t considered a top place to work, benefits and incentives become even more important if you want a PCP to accept your offer.

1. Be competitive and creative

Competitive compensation is important, but family physicians also want an improved work/life balance and other incentives. To get great candidates in this competitive specialty, you must get creative. Are you offering loan repayments or shared call? Some healthcare organizations are even offering relaxation workshops and personal growth retreats. Get creative with your offer and you’re bound to get more candidates.

2. Build relationships and be proactive

PCPs can be choosey, so make sure your communications with them are relevant, and package your opportunity appropriately for the communication channel. Doximity surveys have shown that 86% of physicians are open to hearing about a new job, even if they aren’t explicitly searching. Job posts on Doximity are delivered to relevant physicians while they use the app and are engaged. When a candidate responds, don’t wait around. Be proactive and stay proactive.

3. Sell a sense of belonging that comes with community

A location may not be on the top of the “best places to work and live” list, but people and culture form great communities, and community provides a sense of belonging.

To sell the community, start by selling lifestyle. Ask yourself how moving to your city or town will fundamentally change a physician candidate’s lifestyle. The town’s events, food, shopping, cultural offerings, and recreational opportunities are all things that weave together to form a community’s unique personality. By showcasing community aspects, you become not just a recruiter but a lifestyle consultant. And isn’t that why people move?


4. Make sure your employer brand shines

Doctors who are looking for new job opportunities expect transparency, and they can gather a lot of information and opinions online. That’s where your employer brand comes in.

A reported 56% of job seekers ranked employer brand – the company’s reputation as a great place to work – as the deciding factor when choosing an employer; plus, 83% of today’s employers agree that employer branding significantly impacts their ability to hire (per Career Builder). Yet, a recent report from Gallup says only 41% of employees felt that they know what their company stands for and what makes its brand different from its competitors’ brands. You can read more about how to create a great employer brand here: Is your organization a great place to work? Your employer brand should answer that question.

5. Create a strong Doximity Talent Finder recruiter profile

Will your information favorably impress a primary care physician who is considering an opportunity? A profile that is complete and up to date is the best way to establish your professional presence and represent your brand. It’s a powerful resource that could be the difference between your hiring success and failure. Learn more about creating your profile here: Great physician recruiting starts with a great physician recruiter profile.

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