In a Rut? 5 New Strategies for Your Physician Outreach

Posted by Doximity TF Team


After sending out many DocMails and exhausting all creativity, you must wonder, “How can I send DocMails in a more unique, creative, and strategic way?” After all, sending the same message out time after time can be a bit boring. As you continue to send DocMails this year, we wanted to share a few types of strategies to keep

 in mind.

  1. Send DocMails Out as an Event Invitation or For an Upcoming Conference. If your organization is attending a career fair, going to a conference or hosting an event, you can use your message as an invitation or request to RSVP.  For a career fair or conference, make sure you mention the booth number, who to contact, and a link to where they can register in the message template.
  2. Leveraging Your Team’s Network. We recommend reaching out to candidates who may have gone to the same medical school or residency program as your current CMO, Division Chief, or Medical Director…An example template could begin, “I noticed you went to the same “x” school/program as our Medical Director, Dr. Smith”. Using these social & professional connections can help make the message more relatable, yielding a higher response rate.  
  3. Recruiting Residents? Try Targeting Residency Program Directors. You can use the Keyword Search in Talent Finder to find Program Directors in a specific specialty. In your message you can request that they share the information with the residents in their program.
  4. Build Your Pipeline: Do you anticipate having needs in the near future? Or, is flu season coming? Start sourcing now. Building your pipeline, relationships and network will set  you up for success later down the road. If you received a response from a highly qualified candidate, but the timing wasn’t right, we recommend keeping those candidates in your pipeline and reaching out at a later time.
  5. Circle Back with a Follow-Up Campaign. If you didn’t receive a response in the first campaign, we’d recommend following up with physicians after a week and then again after one month, using a simple subject line like “Following Up”. Make sure you add more context to the original message and include a specific call-to-action. If a clinician responds mentioning they are not interested, try reaching out for a referral! 

Overall, utilizing your DocMails strategically is very important. We encourage you to try to send DocMails out as an event invitation, leverage any leadership roles, run follow up campaigns and ask for referrals. Networking and keeping your pipeline full will always benefit you in the long run. If you’d like more help executing these strategies contact your Client Success Manager.

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