10 Reasons We Value and Respect Physician Recruiters

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10_Reasons_We_Value_and_Respect_Physician_RecruitersAt Doximity, we celebrate physician recruiters every day. But on the first Tuesday of every June, we send a special “thank you” in honor of National Healthcare Recruiter Recognition Day. 

As Walt Disney once said, “You can dream, create, design and build the most wonderful place in the world…but it requires people to make the dream a reality.” Recruiters make the dream of health care a reality, so our Doximity team came up with a list of things we value and respect about you. Here are our top ten:

  1. You. Are. Resilient. You have what Greg Savage of The Savage Recruitment Academy calls “bouncebackability.” Recruitment resilience, according to Savage, means de-powering what you can’t control and owning your response to the situation. We see it every day and applaud you. 
  2. It’s also about the little things you do. No one knows better than you about what goes into your role as a recruiter. You work full-time, part-time, and overtime to fill positions, and it takes many small actions – that often go unnoticed and are rarely measured or rewarded – but help and mean the most. 
  3. You wear numerous hats in your role. You’re a collaborator, liaison, colleague, researcher, marketer, and brander. When candidates miss out on a dream job, you empathize and support them. When candidates have unrealistic salary expectations, you calmly advise them.
  4. You face scrutiny and adversity with grace. You’ve encountered a candidate whose expectations aren’t quite realistic, so they lash out at you. Yet you calmly listen, then help them reframe or refocus their approach and target a better position for them.
  5. You put the same amount of work into everything you do. Day in and day out, every week and every month, you do all the work. You understand the same amount of work doesn’t always bring the same results, so you appreciate the highs and respect the lows.
  6. You recruit to retain. Candidates who are cultural adds are more likely to stay longer. So, you ask yourself how you’ll find physicians who are the right fit for this location, specialty, and diverse staff because you know the right approach will find candidates who stay. 
  7. You are integral to the success of your organization. It’s this simple: physicians are the bread and butter of any health care organization, and your work directly impacts the bottom line.
  8. You are confident in your ability to find the best candidates. You know time is of the essence, and you work hard to fill each vacancy with the best candidate in the least amount of time. Yet you remain committed to filling the job no matter how long it takes.
  9. You practice endurance. We all know the recruiting process can be repetitive: you source candidates, reach out to each candidate who’s a good fit, have a dialogue in person or electronically, present the candidate, get an acceptance or rejection, and so on. All the while, you remain motivated every time you start the process again.
  10. You understand the physician recruiting trends and use them to your advantage. You have a wealth of knowledge about how to fill positions best, and what you don’t know, you find a way to learn.

Recruiters are often measured on hard results, positions filled, and increased revenue, but we know and acknowledge that you’re so much more. We think you’re amazing, and we thank you for your work. 

Recruiting success is a high priority at Doximity. Our Hire of the Quarter program recognizes the success recruiters experience using Talent Finder. If you have a great story about a notable hire we’d love to hear all about it! You can also read all about hiring success stories here on our blog,

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