8 Things We Recognize and Respect About Physician Recruiters

Posted by Doximity TF Team

sense-of-community-800pxHaving the fundamental responsibility of filling important, high-demand clinician roles in the middle of a looming talent shortage is no small feat. Today, we honor physician recruiters and recognize the vital work you do every day.

Maintaining a high level of dedication and engagement in any recruiting job can be challenging, especially when you know that finding qualified candidates is not always enough for a successful placement. However, there is a tremendous amount of satisfaction that comes from asking the right questions, building new physician relationships, and continuing to learn and innovate.

For most physician recruiters, the rewards of the job far outweigh the challenges, and that is one of the many reasons we applaud physician recruiters today. Here are some of the top things we respect about physician recruiters:

1. You have fantastic communication skills. Communication is part of nearly every aspect of your job, and it’s a skill you’re continually improving. You have to understand position requirements and how to attract the right type of candidate. Earning a physician’s trust is fundamental to the job, and successful communication is key.

2. You’re an excellent listener. Active listening, which we pointed out in an earlier blog post, involves engaging with candidates and truly processing what they’re saying. Active listening allows candidates to open up and share more, and gives you an opportunity to summarize what you have learned and ask follow-up questions.

3. You enjoy the thrill of the search. Searching and finding the right candidate for a position is the highlight of your job. It’s exciting and challenging. It’s also rewarding once you find and place the right candidate for the job.

4. Recruiting isn’t just a job, it’s what makes you tick. You love to help clinicians and communities. When you hire a physician for an opportunity, you can help enrich the physician’s career satisfaction and even lifestyle. Plus, you help provide much-needed care for the surrounding community – something that can have a big impact on people’s lives.

5. You work smarter, not harder. Time is precious, so productivity is essential. Many people confuse working more (longer hours) with working harder, and that doesn’t always equal efficiency or success. Recruiters know better. With some reviewing, planning, and prioritizing, you can move candidates through the pipeline faster and create a better experience for all parties.

6. You think fast on your feet. Things can change quickly in recruitment, but you’re flexible and ready to juggle whatever comes your way.

7. You’re confident in yourself and the job you do. Patience is a virtue, but confidence is key. You’re confident in yourself and know you can find the right candidate for the opportunity. This confidence shines in your interactions and helps you build trust with clients and physicians.

8. You’re always searching for new ways to improve your skills. Because you enjoy your work, you continue to seek new ways to strengthen your skills – a key step to making your work even more successful.

To all the physician recruiters we work with every day: thank you for your contributions and the essential role you play in our healthcare system!

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